Sunday, June 25, 2006

Readers: I Invite Your Comments on This One!

"Hi, like your site. I have a question. You say you read the bible and yet you promote ponography and a gay lifestyle with your ads. How do you figure this?"

Philip Huku


Good question. Yes, I have read the Bible. I am not a 'perfect person' and I try not to judge anyone. No one has to answer to ME for the decisions they make in their lives. 'You reap what you soe,' right? All I try to do is provide a website on sexual education to help those who have problems in that area. I am not trying to push my moral beliefs on any of my readers. God has given all of us the freedom of choice, and only HE is our judge.

I do not push pornography at all. I do not have any ads to Rated XXX sites. The products I promote are mainly for things that can help those who have sexual problems such as erectile disfunction or other problems. I do have some ads for online dating, which I see nothing wrong with.

I have gotten tons of emails from my readers thanking me for posting helpful articles and for maintaining my blog. It feels great to know that I am helping people educate themselves in an area that some may feel is embarrassing or private.

I invite my readers to respond to your comment. Let's open this up for discussion, shall we?

Anna A.