Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sex - What Men Want - By Patricia Lee

I took a survey to ask men what they most wanted from women when it comes to sex. While there were a lot of varied responses, there were 5 things that seemed to pop up over and over again. So ladies, take note, chances are your man wants at least one of these.

  1. Men would like their partner to be more confident and/or open. She should be willing to stand naked in front of him. She should be willing to tell him what she does and doesn't like. She should be willing to at least try something new. You get the idea. Ladies, you need to stop being self-conscious and realize that you will turn him on even if your body isn't perfect.

  2. MORE MORE MORE! Men want more sex. Wow, I heard you on this one. A lot of men want more sex than what they are now getting. This applies to both single men and men in relationships.

  3. Oral sex. A lot of men complained about this one in varying degrees. Either they never get it, they get it but she stops too soon, or they get it but only every once in a long while.

Here are a few tips to help out with this one:

Tips for Men

  • Practice good hygiene. Take a shower before becoming intimate.

  • Be sure you are giving as good as you expect to receive.

  • Warm her up first, don't just throw it in her face and expect her to go to it.

Tips for Women

  • If you don't enjoy performing fellatio, find ways to make it more pleasurable. For example, flavored oils, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream.

  • Get an anal toy. Men can have anal orgasms and it will take a lot less work on your part. If he's never had an anal orgasm, you have covered 'be willing to try new things' too.

  • If he insists that you swallow but you hate the taste, ask him to change his diet. Meat makes semen taste bitter so men who are vegetarians taste much sweeter.

  1. Initiate sex. Men want the woman to initiate sex at least some of the time. They enjoy the feeling of being desired as much as women do. Ladies, if you wait for him to start it every time, then he will never know when you are doing it because you want to, or just doing it to make him happy.

  2. Masturbate for him. Men love to watch. Ladies, if you feel self-conscious, here are some ways to get things going:

  • Have a drink or two to lower your inhibitions.

  • Have him start you off, then you take over.

  • Use a vibrator as this will take less work on your part and will be more enjoyable for you.

  • My motto is practice first, after all, practice makes perfect. If you are very familiar with your own body, masturbating for him will be much easier to do.

That pretty much covers the most mentioned topics. Of course there are other things but these vary some from man to man. Men, if there is something you really, really, want her to do but she won't, first consider why she doesn't want to. Does she have a good reason such as it will be painful? Or is it something that she just has no interest in? If this is the case, be patient. Introduce it slowly and listen to what she says. Sometimes it's not the act itself she objects to but the way you go about it. Making her feel inadequate or defensive for not doing it, pretty much guarantees that she never will.

Ladies, the number one reason why a man cheats is that he can't get what he needs at home. (Men this isn't an excuse to blackmail your woman! This only applies to things that are really needed for you to be happy.) Listen to his requests. If they are reasonable, try to be open minded and you just may discover that it isn't as awful as you thought it would be or, possibly, that it's something you really end up liking.

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