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Cunnilingus - Tips for Pleasing Her - By Sacha Tarkovsky

Cunnilingus if performed correctly has the potential to give women exceptional orgasms and many women actually prefer it to full intercourse in terms of satisfaction.

To learn the art of cunnilingus takes a little practice and below we have outlined some tips to improve your technique below. The art of cunnilingus takes some practice but its practice both you and your will enjoy!

Oral Techniques

The Initial Lick

As a start, try licking her from vaginal entrance up her clit and following the outer edges of her vagina covering both sides, going up and down and vice versa can be a great way to start and will relax her and get her in the mood

Holding The Labial

Hold the two parts together gently with your lips, run your tongue between the inner and outer labia one side at a time.

Tongue Intercourse

The majority of a woman’s nerve endings in her vagina are around the opening and within the first couple of inches inside. Hit them with your tongue by inserting it into the vaginal opening licking gently in circular motions combined with flicks of the tongue.


Spread her outer vaginal lips with your fingers. With your tongue pointed, gently lick and flick your tongue across the clitoris and into the vagina.

When stimulating doing this make sure go gently and see the response before being harder with your tongue. Most women need to be extremely wet to enjoy this as it is quite an intense technique.


Expose her clitoris by spreading her lips and gently pull back her hood.

Suck the clitoris (be gentle) and then let it go and repeat again. This can be an incredible turn on and will be very frustrating, warming her up for the other techniques that are outlined here.

Holding The Clitoris

Take the clitoris in your mouth and suck on it gently, at the same time flick your tongue around it. This can be done very lightly or aggressively or a combination of the two (find out what your women likes) this can be intensely arousing.

Its as simple as A-B-C

Try using your tongue to spell the alphabet when performing cunnilingus. This is very arousing as your tongue is moving in lots of different directions. You can use any letters you wish, not just ABC! Listen to the ones that give her most pleasure and remember them!

Other points to keep in mind

1. Share a shower or bath together before you start to make sure that you are both clean and add gels and lubricants to enhance taste and stimulation if you wish.

2. Ask your partner what she likes. She can give you directions such as harder, slower, faster, more circles etc

3. Fill your own mouth with as much saliva as you can before you begin and never touch or lick the clitoris with a dry finger or tongue.

4. Don't go for the clitoris make sure she is warmed up and aroused. Try gentle kissing and licking around the upper thighs and vulva area and work your way up to the clitoris.

5. Use a variety of ways to arouse her. If you repeat the same motion, your partner can become insensitive to it, keep in mind variety and keep her expectations up.

6. As she becomes more aroused, insert a finger or two into her vagina as well.

7. Continue to touch and hold her as she orgasms and after and make her feel wanted and loved.

8. The clitoris has more nerve endings than the entire head of the penis, so be very careful not to be to hard with it go gently and remember ask her all the time what she likes and doesn’t.

Cunnilingus can enhance any relationship and most women love it and getting it right is all about communication.

Following the above tips on cunnilingus will help you satisfy your partner and will enhance your relationship.

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