Friday, April 21, 2006

Lovemaking Position - Size Does Matter - By E.J. Davis

Do you have an average size or a short penis? Of course you’ll probably not be caught dead, neither sober nor drunk admitting that to your sex partner, especially prospective ones, or even to yourself. But you need not worry or let it dampen your self confidence. There is a way of keeping you and your lover sexually satisfied so take advantage of this lovemaking position. You and your partner will learn a simple lovemaking technique that is incredibly sexual and will mutually enhance your pleasure. Here’s how…

In that most famous of love making text, the Kama Sutra, you’d be called a ‘hare man,’ on the basis of the size of your penis. This lovemaking position is called the ‘closure.’ To begin this lovemaking position your lover is lying on her back, place a cushion, under her bottom raising her hips towards you. Then place yourself between her legs. Keep your feet on the floor. Press your lover’s thighs against her torso and put your hands under her arms or hold her shoulders tight in an embrace clasping her body to yours.

As a vital part of love making you would already have engaged in lots of foreplay with your fingers, hands, mouth or toys before trying this lovemaking position skillfully leaving her extremely arouse and wet and ready to receive you. Now insert your penis inside her vagina and pump and gyrate your hips. Be sure to keep yourself attuned to her responses since in this lovemaking position you want her arousal to build leaving her burning with pleasure.

Even better is that this lovemaking position with your lover on her back, her thighs and bottom positioned in this manner, the walls of her vagina squeezes together creating a deliciously tight space. However, it can be a little tiring for her so alternate your lovemaking position. Best of all, as a couple, this lovemaking position can increase both you and your partner’s level of sexual intimacy leaving little time to worry about size and plenty of time to enjoy the sexual ride.

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