Monday, January 30, 2006

Twitch Method - By K Clark

So You can use to identify the best stroke, pressure and pace that a woman needs to have the best oral sex possible, I found these tips helpful to me.

1. Slowly insert your relaxed fingers into her vaginal cavity in the palm up position

2. Pay attention to how her vaginal muscles contract when you do certain strokes on her clitoris

3. Once you find the spot, calibrate the pressure; once you find the pressure calibrate the speed/rhythm

4. Once you find all of those hold steady - keep going

5. Pay attention to how her vaginal muscles contract as you continue to stimulate her. By the way you will also notice her clit getting harder and harder as she approaches climax - so now you have two go indicators to work with.

6. When she's nearing the point of no return her vaginal muscles will start to clench around your fingers and hold on

7. Keep a steady pace, rhythm and pressure - under no circumstances change what you're doing, or you run the risk of having to startfrom scratch!

8. As she climaxes hold on for dear life!

9. Once she climaxes you can immediately transition into the G spot orgasm or simply let her bask in the after glow as you move back to the side by side position and kiss and fondle her... etc.

You should always give her at least three orgasms before you allow her to pleasure you in anyway! You won't believe the power of this in bonding your women to you!

10.If you have obeyed the rule of three you can let her pleasure you know any way you want her to. Depending on her predilection itmay be too early to go for anal yet but it's highly dependent on the female you're playing with.


Your Homework go out and find various clothes or fabrics and other materials and simply touch them and pay attention to how they feel beneath your fingers. Touch them in a way that makes the sensation pleasurable to your own hands and finger tips. Really become aware of it. Next time you're with your lover.

Then combine the magic touch with the three finger split or the secret twitch and notice how much more enjoyable the process is for both of you.

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