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Anal sex for women - By: Ana Belly

When I first heard of anal sex it seemed to me disgusting, nasty and dirty. I never thought that decent people could practice anal sex. I thought that everyone who did such awful things in bed would be punished by the God with leprosy or at least with piles. However, then I realized that stable relationships with a man sooner or later begin involving anal stimulation and anal penetration. Are all men deviants or maniacs? Of course, not. If most of them enjoy anal sex, than perhaps this is quite normal and even pleasurable. Hasn’t your partner proposed trying this type of sex yet? Than he certainly will. Do not mind this novelty at once. Everything new is worth trying.

First of all, your partner would like to examine your anal zone with his tongue in order to check your reaction. Do not get embarrassed or ashamed. You care about your intimate hygiene, don’t you? Your anus is not dirtier than other parts of your body. If you stop making a “raped virgin” of yourself and relax no doubt you will realize you experience quite pleasant sensations. What is more, you will feel you want your partner to penetrate your anus with his well lubricated penis. And this is not a surprise. Anus is a quite sensitive erogenous zone. Why deprive yourself of such a great pleasure? Enjoy your new sensations and do not be ashamed of them. The most important thing is to make anal love properly.

Lie on your belly with a pillow behind your thigh. Your partner will lubricate his penis and will gradually insert it into your anus. Isn’t he slow and careful? Dare let him know about this, even by crying. Most men understand that this zone is very sensitive and vulnerable, therefore your partner will stop hurting you. If he will not, than turn him out before he injures your anus. Do you need a crazy villain who enjoys torturing you?

However, this is not about your partner. Your boyfriend will change his behavior. He will penetrate your anus slowly and will begin frictions, just the same as he does during usual vaginal intercourse. Relax and enjoy your sensations. If you let your partner know you need some additional clitoral stimulation, than you will certainly cum. After a few anal intercourses, when you get used to such type of sex, you will not need any additional stimulation. Your enjoyment will be great and perhaps you will realize that your partner’s penis is not enough for getting unearthly pleasure. In this case anal sex toys will help you experience sensations you never had before. The most important thing is not to be ashamed of your desires. Do not think your partner will consider you a dissolute women if you suggest using anal sex toys for enhancing your sensations. He loves you and he will certainly want make you pleased with your sexual relationships.

Anal sex toys are designed specially for anal stimulation. Unlike usual sex toys such as dildos and vibrators, these devices feature flared base to prevent the toy from getting into your rectum. Another advantage of these sex toys is that many of them are made of soft and flexible materials to fit your anus best. What is more, these sex toys allow you to get enjoyment on your own, when your partner is away. Don’t you masturbate? Than you certainly should. Sex toys will help you realize that anal sex is pleasurable, and you will not deny your partner any longer.

By the way, do you know that men enjoy anal penetration too? Do not be surprised if your partner asks you to stimulate his anus with a sex toy or fingers. His desire does not mean he is a gay. As it has been said above, anus is an erogenous zone in both men and women. Sex toys can enhance his sensations as well as yours. But keep in mind that anal sex toys like all other ones must not be shared. Get two sex toys, or use them with a condom, otherwise you might get quite unpleasant infections.

We hope you realized that anal sex is a pleasure, rather than a deviation. It might be unpleasant or unsafe only if

• You think it is dissolute or dirty. In this case you are quite unlikely to relax and enjoy anal intercourse

• If you do not follow intimate hygiene rules, than such an intercourse can be quite unpleasant. The same can be said about your partner. To get rid of doubts and suspicions, suggest your partner having a bath together

• If your partner takes his penis out of your anus and immediately inserts it into your vagina without washing or changing the condom, than you might get vaginal inflammation

• The same is about sex toys. Do not use dildos and vibrators for both vaginal and anal masturbation

To sum up let us see what the advantages of anal sex are:

• It varies your sexual relationships

• You cannot get pregnant in such a way. Therefore if you forgot to take birth control pills or do not have another contraceptive at hand than you can enjoy anal sex without being afraid of unwanted pregnancy

• Anal sex gives you a chance to experience new spicy sensations you never had beforeDiscover for yourself a new world of sensations! Enjoy anal sex!

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