Monday, October 16, 2006

Soft Swinging Basics - By Julia Tanner

If you think that you’re aroused by the mere idea of swinging, just wait until you jump in. Reading doesn’t do swinging justice at all—only feeling and touching make for truly believing.

As you probably already know, soft swinging is the first attempt at swinging for many couples and interested folks. Heck, you may have already tried soft swinging without even realizing it.

You had a few too many drinks, got a little friendly with someone’s husband. And you knew darn well that it wasn’t about love or being unfaithful to your partner, it was about animal lust.

Maybe he smelled just right or she was wearing something that displayed her best assets…

If It Should Happen Spontaneously

The lights are low. Maybe you’re at a party with your partner and you’ve become separated for a moment. You’re still fully aware of where the other is, but you just let a moment take you. You’ve probably already talked about the possibility at this point.

So go on. Let’s see where the sexual tension might lead.

A little touch here, a stroke there. It can even be as simple as a long, slow kiss. You close your eyes and disappear in the moment.

And what if you catch your husband or partner out of the corner of your eye?

It’s incredibly erotic to see your partner with someone else, even if it’s ‘innocent’ to begin with. Just to see hands that have touched you running down someone else’s skin can be a turn on by itself.

Watching can be the perfect way to begin in soft swinging. It’s a great way to seduce your self into getting into the action.

Perhaps you just needed a little ‘motivation’ to get started.

And What If You Plan It Out?

Of course, you may have already decided that ‘something’ might be happening on a particular evening. You’ve sat and talked for a while, when the conversation turns to sex.

But planning doesn’t make it any less hot or exciting.

Maybe it starts with just a massage of the shoulders or a move into another’s personal space.

Now is your chance to go for it. Don’t be shy; you know that the other one wants it.

You can go back to your high school days and just make out, or you can take it further with blatant groping and stroking. Explore this new person, what do they feel like? What makes them different from your partner?

But keep it cool right now because you’re just starting, just teasing really at this point. You want to keep everyone excited and anxious for the next time.

Your hearts are racing and your minds are anxious for the next time.

But go slow. Wanting more from the swinging experience is a good thing and you want to make sure that you’re completely comfortable before moving up the action.

And the best part of slow swinging is that you get to go home with a partner that is just ready to finish off anything that has already been started.

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