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Satisfying Your Women – The Classic View - Sacha Tarkovsky

According to the timeless advice from the Arab classic text, The Perfumed Garden, we present to you a modern interpretation of their view of “Things Related to the Act of Generation”

If a man desires sexual intercourse, then he should be sure that his stomach is not full of food and drink.

Let your stomach be either empty or almost so, and if you desire to drink, make it only a small glass or wine or juice. If you stomach is full, harm can come to you, as well as the woman. Having sex with a full stomach of food and drink will bring on general debility and also can affect the sight.

So, remember, if you are going to have sex, keep your stomach empty or almost so.

Foreplay is an indispensable introduction to sex. Do not neglect it, and you will not be neglected.
What foreplay is best?

Start by lightly kissing her cheeks, sucking and nibbling at her lips and breasts. Kiss her everywhere, especially at her belly button, and on the inside of her thighs.

Do not neglect her lower body, even her feet, as women have erogenous zones all over their body. Kiss and lightly bite the inside of her arms, and embrace her, with your legs entangled. Say to her lovely words, and breathe deeply of her breath.

How do you know it’s time for intercourse? Look closely at her eyes. If you can see they are a bit misty, its time!

Listen also to her moans. If while kissing her you hear sweet moaning, it also is telling you its time, and you can also understand if she is sighing. Its time.

If you are observant, you will see her lips getting red and her mouth is half opened. You will notice that her movements are random; if she suddenly becomes tired, its time, and you are ready to begin.

If you pay some attention to what is happening, you can notice her vulva itself starts to hold your member, and if this happens, it’s a sure sign she will love you as well.

The Importance or Foreplay cannot be Overstressed Before Intercourse.

The authors of this work believed that if you engage in adequate foreplay, then a man and woman could have simultaneous orgasm. This was considered the highest point of lovemaking and would give to the man and the woman, the “most exquisite pleasure”.

They also felt that this kind of attention and care brought about real and lasting love between the couple. They thought that if there was not enough foreplay, and if in penetration the man could not find his way to the entrance of the womb (cervix) the woman would not be satisfied and never love the man.

However if he were able to do this, the woman would love him forever, regardless of his looks.

They recommended that the man do all he can to provoke this mutual and simultaneous orgasms. To them, this was one of love (and life’s) great secrets.

They further advised that during intercourse, do not stop kissing the woman, and do not withdraw, but continue to push to touch the cervix. The woman will be almost delirious with enjoyment if you can do that.

If you have (and you both will know it) do not even thrust, but stay in that positions. The pleasure will not end for either of you. You will hear the woman’s enjoyment by sighs and very heavy breathing. These are unmistaken evidence of the pleasure achieved.

They further advise that after you are finished, do not get up at once. Certainly do not light a cigarette (unless she smokes as well) and only withdraw yourself from her slowly and gradually.

Stay close and embrace her, as the woman comes down after such an ending slower than a man does.

She needs continued kissing and fondling/stroking. To do otherwise will be to deny the woman the ending she deserves.


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