Sunday, February 11, 2007

What Women Find Boring In The Bedroom - Suzie Harris

Sex can become monotonous and boring if you don`t keep the spark alive and the romance and spontaneity flowing. Below are some tips on what women find unattractive in bed and also some tips on how to keep the fire alight.

-Monotony is boring. If you get into bed every night and she knows what is going to happen, how dull. Whether it is that you both go straight to sleep, or you get into a usual sex routine - how dreary. If she knows you have foreplay and then sex and knows the exact routine, then change it. Go the extra mile and please her. Spend more time on her than usual. Go down on her, kiss her everywhere, and make it more about her than you. Surprise her and you will reap the benefits as well.

-If you are in bed, or even prior to going to bed, don’t ask her for permission to have sex. What a way to turn her off. Show her you want to have sex. Don’t force yourself on her, turn her on. Maybe that means kissing her on the back or the neck, find out what gives you permission without actually asking it.

-Vary your sex positions and locations where you have sex. Don’t just keep it to the bedroom! If she is staring at the ceiling for an hour it isn't a way to keep her excited. Vary your positions. Stand up, do it in the bath....

-Remember romance. Women love romance. You don’t have to cook a 3 course meal, or buy her sexy lingerie, romance can be as simple as telling your girl that she is beautiful, or bringing a bottle of wine home and taking time out for the both of you. Suggest a walk together, or a bath. Romance is so diverse. Surprise her. If you never take a walk together, suggest going for a walk and finish it with a glass of wine or coffee, whatever suits you both.

-Experiment with your girl. Whatever you do don’t go through the motions when having sex. Don't be afraid to experiment with her. Ask her what she likes, what positions she prefers, what fantasies she has, what she likes you doing to her. Talking about your sex life is a great way to make sure it doesn't go downhill.

-Tell her too what your fantasies are. Talk about sex toys and if you would like to introduce them into your sex life. Adult videos are also great for getting new ideas about sex positions and fantasies.

-Make sure you let her know that you are enjoying having sex with her. Keep touching and kissing her, let her know that you are into her. Whisper in her ear how beautiful she is. If she isn’t used to this what a nice surprise, it is sure to send shivers down her spine.

-Make noises as well. If you aren’t comfortable making noises, start out softly. This will show her you are enjoying every moment, it will arouse her more and may also encourage her to make noises as well.

-The important thing to remember is go the extra mile with your girl. Make her know that you are attracted to her, and that sex isn’t a boring monotonous routine. Be spontaneous...she will love it!

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