Saturday, May 13, 2006

Women Fret Over Their Sex Lives As Much As Men - By Recardo Gomes

For many men, worrying about whether their wives are happy with their performance in the bedroom is a major source of stress. If only they knew that their other half may well be equally insecure.

And it is not only older women whose fears are reducing their sexual desire. Many of those are asking for help are in their twenties and thirties. The women often complain that they find it difficult to make love because of the way society and the media increasingly put pressure on them to lead exciting sex lives. More than 2,500 called the sexual Dysfunction Association for help last year, 25% up on the year before. Five years ago, the charity was receiving only a handful of calls to its helpline.

The association partly attributes the rise of female insecurity in the bedroom to the fact that modern women are increasingly expected to be sexually experienced as men. It also blames society’s obsession with body image. Doctors often have a dismissive attitude towards women seeking help for reduced sexual desire, according to the charity.

The rising number of fit, young women coming forward has encouraged the development of new drugs, such as the female version of the impotence pill Viagra. “Just like men, women can experience difficulties in desiring and participating in sex,” said the association spokesman.

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