Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Making Love Help: How To Give Her The Best Sex Ever - Jill Brennan

You make love to your partner often enough and you've been doing it for awhile so you're pretty confident that you know what you're doing. But something is missing. Sex is just one of those things that you do together, like going out for dinner or watching a movie. And its OK. But its not great. Its a routine kind of thing. And while you tell yourself that's OK, a part of you knows that it could be so much more and that the best sex of your life is something you're starting to think you'll never get to experience. What if she is secretly unhappy too but doesn't want to say anything because she doesn't want you to feel like its your fault?

How can you inject some enthusiasm and passion when you make love? Recognizing that your love making isn't all it could be is a great first step. You could talk you her about how she's feeling but if you've got to this stage then its likely that talking about sex isn't something that either of you feel really comfortable with. This is a good opportunity to be proactive and come up with a few solutions yourself.

What is the solution? Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

Break Out Of Your Routine

If you've been together awhile then sex can get a bit same old, same old. When you have sex try different times of the day, different positions, unusual locations, new techniques.

Seek Out Sex Help and Learn

There is that saying about how you don't know what you don't know and when it comes to lovemaking we all think we are up with what to do. But its just not true. Of course, once your eyes have been opened to the possibilities and tips and tricks that are out and really aren't that difficult to master, you'll be amazed at what you thought you knew and how you really had no idea.

Don't Just Lie There

You need to take charge and make sure her needs are met and you can't do that if you're lying on your back letting her do all the work. And besides you know you'll have an orgasm but you need to make sure she does and that requires effort. Before you start thinking that is unfair and asking why should you have to do all the work just remember that if she has a great time you'll have a really great time! When you do come, your orgasm will be more intense for having watched and helped her climax.

Romance is Important

For guys sex is physical but it's not like that for women. Sure it is physical but it's in the mind where most of the action starts and ends. For a woman there is no greater turn on than being desired and adored. Demonstrate how much you care about her outside of the time you make love and you'll be amazed at the dividends that will yield. She will not only want to have sex more often but she'll be more enthusiastic about making love too.

There is an art to making love. And just because it isn't part of any school's curriculum doesn't mean you can't find out for yourself how you can experience the best sex ever. Why not make it your mission to keep learning until you can give her an orgasm that will have her climbing the walls in ecstasy?

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