Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Curing Erectile Dysfunction The Herbal Way - By Rands Joseph

Ever since Viagra came into market, it has had a great amount of success, both in terms of satisfaction and treatment among the patients using the magic drug. People needing a good treatment against the dreaded disease, found Viagra very effective and they jumped into embracing the drug without looking into the pros and cons of the drug. They ignored the possible side effects of Viagra just because they needed something that could have given them a quick and easy way to improve and enhance their sexual life. With the change in time, the acceptance level of the drug has decreased, citing the “post-consumption” consequences of the drug.

Researches and studies done on the subject reveal that the drug has certain side effects and is a potential carrier of some major diseases like heart disease, diabetes. To combat the problem, Ayurvedic medicine has found a good and effective alternative to Viagra. People in some Asian countries - particularly in India and China – have resorted to the “Ayurvedic” option of Viagra. The drug is believed to have worked well in different cases of Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence. It is made from a common weed that is available in the woods of Europe. The herb, though ignored by the “medicine cabinet”, has shown good results in influencing libido, quality and quantity of sperm.

Modern scientists working on the old aged compound have found many benefits of the herb. They have reported that this herbal supplement is rich in biological components and can prevent the formation of stones in Kidneys and Gall Bladder. The herbal supplement also provides some very useful nutritional contents like calcium, phosphorous, iron and protein along with a powerful aphrodisiac effect. The herbal supplement has a good reputation in Europe, being seen by people as a good alternative in curing health problems including Erectile Dysfunction.

Tribulus terrestris L., from which Trilovin 250 is made, found its roots in India. The physicians discovered the aphrodisiac properties and prescribed the use of the herb in treatments of Sexual Dysfunction. Recent research in Europe has confirmed the aphrodisiac properties of the herbal supplement and also found some very good benefits out of the tiny plant.

Despite the success of herbal supplements in curing Erectile Dysfunction, there are still concerns over the acceptance of a herbal treatment in some parts of the world. It has been accepted though in certain parts of Asia and Europe but to have a full and widespread impact on the ED drug market, the herbal treatment will have to wait a long time before results starts pouring in. Viagra still holds the market share in Erectile Dysfunction treatment and is expected to continue its success in the time to come.

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