Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away - Kelly Moore

The old wives tale of an apple a day should be replaced with an orgasm a day for sure. I think if you asked anyone especially men if they would rather eat an apple or have terrific sex, I bet the answer would be sex.

Even as far back as the 1940’s, a psychiatrist by the name of Wilhelm Reich advised that an orgasm a day was important for staying healthy. However, you know how people were back then, you could not really even mention sex and this poor man was thrown in prison.

Today, many people are still closing their eyes and ears to the truth, which in fact is sex every day including orgasms, are very good for you. Of course, this does not mean that you should have sex with a different girl every day and not use common sense. If you do not use protection, and you are having sex, you could end up being a father before you are ready and catch an unwanted STD. You still need to practice safe sex while having that orgasm a day for your health.

Let’s look at the benefits of sex.

Losing Weight and Staying Fit Sex is a great form of exercise. When you perform most exercise programs such as running, aerobics, or what ever your favorite workout consists of your heart and respiratory rates rise and you burn calories. Having sex does the same exact thing. One sex session of 20 minutes burns 2500 calories if you multiple that by 7 times per week you are actually burning 17,500 calories. This is sure a more fun way to lose those unwanted pounds and keep the blood flowing.

Depression Sex is an antidepressant! Wow, think of all the people that could throw away those prescriptions drugs and their unwanted side effects by having sex on a daily basis. While you are having sex, your body releases endogenous opioids. These are natural pleasure inducing fluids that are similar to drugs. In recent studies, just touching a man can raise their levels of serotonin in his brain. This is what the famous antidepressant drug Prozac does. Think about, sex instead of Prozac, which would you choose?

Pain Reducer Want to sound very intelligent and get your partner to quit using the old “I have a headache” routine? Pleasurable stimulation raises a woman’s pain threshold to 60 to 80 percent. Endorphins that are released during sex and especially during the point of orgasms cause women to feel no pain. This does not mean that the headache will not return, but you could always ask if she would like relief for at least a few minutes. Instead of aspirin, I prescribe sex.

PMS Be Gone Through studies, it has been proven that women’s reproductive systems receive wonderful benefits from penile insertion. Sexual activity helps to strengthen the puboccygeus muscles. This helps women keep their pelvic organs in the right place and in shape. Love making sessions on a regular basis can stimulate fertility, postpone the onset of menopause, and regulate the menstrual cycle. Ladies, which do you prefer, penis or cramping and pills?

Use it or lose it If you are having problems getting that penis of yours to perform it maybe because you are not using it enough. Your penis is like any other part of your body, it needs a workout to stay at peak performance levels. There are also special penis enlargement exercises that can help you with keeping your penis in shape.

Healthy Prostate The prostate whether you know it or not is an important gland in the male body. It is also called the male G spot. However, this little gland can cause men problems as they get older. It does tend to enlarge and then surgery is necessary. To postpone this problem the best way of course is with regular sex session. When a man stops having orgasms, these fluids can actually back up in the prostate gland and causes it to swell. When this occurs, the prostate then begins to squeeze your urinary tract and you will experience problems going to the bathroom. Therefore, see ladies, men were never lying about building them up and then saying no caused them pain, in fact and it really does. Along with regular sex for prostate health, you should also supplement your diet with an over the counter herb called palmetto, just to be on the safe side.

Testosterone Testosterone is an important chemical that our bodies produce in both men and women. This little chemical is what helps a woman stay wet during sex and regulates the body’s metabolism. When you are having sex, you are producing testosterone. Testosterone has been proven to help prevent osteoporosis, stimulate tissue replacement, bone growth and to encourage an overall feeling of well being.

With all the studies throughout history showing just how important regular sex sessions are, it is unbelievable that people would rather die young, have more health problems, and take meds than jumping their partners bones once a day.

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