Monday, August 21, 2006

Better Sex With Partner - Step it Up in the Bedroom - By Greg Edwards

There are ways and ways ….. for a better sex with partner. A method suggested for better sex to one person may not work for another because the sex with partner is the most unique experience in the world and no language has the capacity to describe that experience in total.

What are suggested here for better sex with partner are only some general ideas and you have to experiment with them along with your own modifications and innovations.

One thing to be avoided totally for a better sex with partner is urgency. Sex with partner should not be an activity of just entering and getting out. Better sex with partner can be achieved if you treat it as an experiment. Whether it is your first time with your partner or nth time after a very long and satisfying married life, explore new ways and seek your partner’s consent for each and every new method you are trying. Find out whether the partner is feeling aversion to some of your methods to achieve a better sex. Never force any new ideas. Gradually get into the rhythm of the act with your new method instead rushing in without knowing how your partner is feeling about it.

Even a simple act of touching some specific places in the partner’s body can evoke very pleasant feeling for both and a better sexual experience can be achieved in the process. Recall the highlights from your previous experiences and try to improvise and improve that technique to achieve better sexual satisfaction for both of you.

Strategically placed mirrors in the bedroom helps to create a fantasy in both the partner’s mind when they look into the endless stream of images while they are indulging in the sexual act. It helps to achieve better sex with partner.

A subdued lighting is a necessity in the bedroom. Try to experiment with various coloured bulbs to have an idea which colour enables you to have a better sex with your partner and stick on to that colour scheme.

Avoid unpleasant smelling food and drinks when you get into a frame of mind fox sex within couple of hours. Better sex should never be painful sex unless your partner is a sadist, so avoid any painful excesses while making love with your partner.

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