Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sex Is Good For You! - By Mark Miller

According to scientists, sex evolved despite the fact that a sexual reproduction was working well with animal and plants. But sex is a rather more complex process designed to provide for a far larger number of combinations and possibilities in the resulting offspring. The a sexual act was much simpler andit didn’t involved a mixing and matching of different genes, sexually reproducing creatures of every sort, with new and unique genetic combinations arriving in each generation.

In many species, including ours of course, sex leads to a bonding which is base of our civilization and society. Sex increases the strength of our bonds, male to female. Biology has also provided other instincts to safeguard the future of our genes. It has been shown that your family loyalty is in direct proportion to the degree of kinship. So, however much the grandparents dote on grandchildren, they will be even more concerned with their own children. Family bonds develop.

As families expand, their requirement for scarce resources increases, so devices have to be created which enable us to share what we find or produce. In early times, a larger group also provided additional protection from predators. So, over 200,000 years, what we now know as “Society” has developed. Sex has motivated human beings to find better answers to the challenges of nature and constantly to improve our ability to handle our environment.

So too, the age-old act of reproduction has also evolved from a necessity for existence into a periodical expression of pleasure and love. How has this happened and to what effect? It is now known that Nature has evolved some pretty clever mechanisms to support sex and make sure we continue to reproduce. For example, hormones secreted during the sexual act help to reduce stress and lead to production of morphine which is a painkiller.

Your Home Gym Sex also provides a good healthy workout to many muscle groups, in particular, the muscles around your pelvis, buttocks, stomach and arms, which often have little other exercise in daily activities. A “session” of sex can burn 200 calories. It will also improve blood circulation, lower your cholesterol level, while the exercise will release feel-good endorphins. When you are sexually excited, your pulse rate increases from 70 to 150 beats per minute. You would have to lift quite some weights to achieve this in the gym.

Prevent Sickness Hormonal secretions also make men stronger and the produce collagen in women, which adds smoothness and glow to their skin. Another hormonal product of sex, progesterone, helps a person fight acne. Regular sex also produces an antibody, immunoglobin, which helps fight of many diseases.

Reduce stress Regular sex is said to reduce stress and increase life expectancy. This is caused largely by your body’s desire forrest after sex and partly by the “feel good” factor produced by endorphins. Diana at the dating site tells more about how the human body produces endorphins - the hormone in charge of elevated spirits and positive perception of the environment.

And so to bed . . . to sleep. As you become sexually excited, your blood is pumped harder. More hormones too, help to add up to 20 per cent to a woman's breast size. Oxygen enriched blood also reaches your brain and can improve your memory. It goes without saying that an act of love ends with the ultimate relaxation and sleep - especially after a hard day at work! The raised level of oxytocin produces a strong tranquillizing effect. Sex is therefore a perfect natural soporific.

So, sex is not only healthy, joyous and fulfilling but very good for your health.

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