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Better Sex – 8 Essential Lovemaking Tips For Great Sex! - Kelly Price

Here we are going to give you some tips for better sex.

These lovemaking tips are guaranteed to enhance your sex life and lead to great sex, for both you and your partner.

Let’s take a look at how to achieve better sex and enjoy great sex, with some simple tips anyone can do.

1. Breathing

Correct breathing can greatly enhance your sex life and lead to better sex and its easy to learn how to breathe deeply – It will relax you and increase sexual satisfaction.

A simple tip is :
During intercourse learn to synchronise your breathing with your partners. This is a great way of feeling a total connection and union with your partner.

When you do it, it can lead to fantastic, mind blowing orgasms.

2. The art of foreplay

You should always have plenty of foreplay before sexual intercourse and it provides the following:

- It will relax both you and your partner.

- It's fun.

- It will make orgasm more satisfying when you are “warmed up” for sexual union and intercourse.

It’s a known fact that most women find foreplay essential for orgasm and it also applies to men as well.

3. Target the less obvious erogenous zones

We all know the obvious ones, but there are many others you can explore and you should do so.

Consider these as examples:

The neck, this is one of the most significant erogenous zones for women and a kiss, lick or nibble on the neck, is one of the best ways to turn a women on and men love it to.

Other great erogenous zones are the hair and scalp – Stroking, tugging or running your hands over the scalp, is extremely erotic for both men and women.

Finally, don’t forget kissing!

In a recent poll 90% of both men and women wanted more kissing from their partner.

It’s not just for teenagers! We communicate with our mouths and a passionate kiss is one of the best ways to show love and affection for both men and women.

4. Learn the art of massage

If you want to enjoy better sex then you need to learn the art of massage and its not difficult.

All you need are some sensual oils and massage the shoulders, back and base of the spine.

There are many oil that are sensuous, relaxing and it’s a proven fact we enjoy sex more when we are relaxed.

We then can concentrate on just sex and free our minds and massage with oils helps achieve this.

5. Communication

We all have things we like and don’t like about sex, just as we do in all aspects of life.

So what?

Well, unless you communicate with your partner and vice versa, you will never reach sexual harmony.

Speak frankly and openly, don’t make judgements on what your partner may want and tell her not to in reverse.

Your adults and adults should be able to talk freely about sex and not be judged.

If you communicate you will know what your partner wants and what you want and enjoy better sex.

6. Talk

Talk during sex! Sex is communication.

Let your partner know how much you want them and how much you are enjoying yourself.

We all like appreciation for our efforts and sex is no exception, if we feel we are pleasing our partners it turns us on even more.

7. Variety & Surprise

If sex is the same every time then it becomes boring, so add variety to your sex life.

There is plenty to learn and practice (and practice can be fun) we all love surprises and sex is no exception.

8. Whatever you do remember …

To do it with passion and desire. Show your partner you want them and they will love you for it.

Sex will not always be perfect but thats not the point!

You may come early, you may not orgasm at all, but do you know what?

Your partner will be understanding, if they know you desire, want and love them.

As my mother once said “if you don’t do it with a good heart don’t do it at all” (she wasn’t referring to sex but its true!) - Show passion, love and desire, follow the tips above and not only will you enjoy better sex – You will enjoy great sex.


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