Sunday, August 13, 2006

STDs- By Deepak Jain

Sexually Transmitted Diseases, known as STD, is the most common, and a very large number of people are affected with it. Irrespective of age and gender, it is affecting both the male and females equally. At least 80% of the people are suffering from the STDs, and if not taken care at the initial stages, it grows into STDs. Worldwide there are around 40 million people suffering from HIV Positive; half of the number is women. It is spreading like epidemic. Sources are not sufficient to stop it. Teenage boys and girls are rapidly falling into this and increasing the number day by day. The alarmingly growing number is the matter of grave concern and governments of respective countries are very worried about this.

Unprotected and unsafe sex is the main cause of getting infected. Sexual intercourse without using condom, oral sex, or the faulty use of condom is spreading STDs. The only way to safety is prevention. You must watch the signs and symptoms of the STDs. Often there are no symptoms, but any change in body and some symptoms like abnormal bleeding, foul smell in vagina, unusual discharge from penis or vagina, burning sensation while urination, itching and swelling in testicals or vagina, mouth sores, warts or some transparent blisters around the vaginal area or testicals or pale skin and eyes, or unexplained tiredness, may be because of the diseases like, Syphilis, Gonorrhea Hepatitis (viral), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), or Genital Warts. These are all different types of sexually transmitted infections.

People who are having sexual intercourse with more then one partner, or multiple partners are more prone to STDs. Intercourse without using condoms can manifests it in many folds. The latex condom is a shield, which prevents these viruses to transmit to other partner. Although, it is not hundred percent safe but it is the safest prevention. Make sure to use the condom, before every sexual encounter. Surprising facts from different surveys reveal that many people in spite of knowing that they are suffering from STDs, do not stop having sex with their partners, neither they tell them, nor they use condoms. It is more dangerous with the people who are in multiple sex activities. Oral sex, anal sex or the normal intercourse, all carry these STD infections. Even a single sex encounter can transmit the infection. Have sex with the partner, who you know is not infected. Use condom before every sexual act. Be aware. Save yourself from STDs.

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