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Have You Been Bitten By The Pheromone Bug? - By Andrew Amend

Has The Pheromone Bug Bitten You? Have you ever been sexually drawn to a person that really turned you on, but their beauty or lack there of escaped classical definitions? If you have, then you have yet an even broader idea of how pheromones work. There should have been no obvious reason for you to have that kind of response, and if you have experienced this you probably just chalked it up to "being in the mood", or for the lack of a better expression "horny".

Well the truth is you were probably smitten with the "pheromone bug". Pheromone's powerful yet subtle influence can literally blind you to certain features that you would normally find less desirable, while accentuating features that are now driving you wild with desire. These little experiences happen to us all from time to time (and if the truth be known) you were likely driven to a nearly frenzied state of arousal simply by a group of hormonal compounds known as a pheromones.

What Research Scientists Are Saying... Pheromones are odorless, and because they waft through the air in the smallest traces, they're barely perceptible. In fact, it is only through our vomeronasal organ (VNO) located in our nasal cavity that we're able to detect pheromones. Although pheromones cannot be seen, heard, smelled or touched, they secretly affect our biological processes, which in turn, stimulate our sexual drives and reproductive behaviors. That's why they're often called "secret seducers."

When pheromones are released into the air, and then detected by the VNO of the opposite sex, they release neurotransmitters that directly modify perception and behavior. This rapid alteration is experienced as sexual excitement or arousal. Not only is our sexual arousal put on alert, but repeated and prolonged exposures to these pheromones have shown to render a person into what psychologists describe as the "love state". This "love state" is the result of a powerful chain reaction of brain activity producing a neuro-chemical cocktail that activates a cascade of long lasting sexual and emotional responses. These responses include an overwhelming sense of “need” that can only be satisfied by repeated intimate responses from the object of their desire (that would be you).

More...On The "Love State" Once an individual reaches the "love state", neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your partners brain, start sending signals to the limbic system. The limbic system is commonly known in brain science as the "seat of emotions". When this part of the brain is stimulated by the neuro-chemical soup produced from the "love state", powerful emotional responses begin to arise. These signals are telling the individual that the object of their desire is "the one". This is the point where some of the effects of this process become irreversible in spite of any logic or outside influences. Scientists often call this "old brain vs. new brain” where powerful emotional and neurological responses that were laid down during infancy in the limbic regions of the brain are now over-riding adult understanding and thought patterns.

Scientists have long been on the quest for the "perfect aphrodisiac", to active these brain activities. To date, the most perfect aphrodisiac ever discovered is pheromones. The reason will become even more obvious as you read on.

Does that mean that when humans smell pheromones, we act like love-crazed tom-cats ready to pounce on any member of the opposite sex that happens to be nearby? Not exactly. The effects of pheromones on humans are more subtle, but nonetheless, very powerful.

This story would not be complete if we did not mention that pheromones perform many tasks other than just stimulating us to have sex. They have been used as appetite suppressants, contraceptives and sedatives, and have also been used to regulate the menstrual cycles of women, as well as treat a host of illnesses, including impotence, sexual disorders and prostate cancer. However, it is pheromones' sexual attractant properties that have captured the public's fascination – and for obvious reasons.

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