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Sexed Up for Ultimate Enjoyment - by Joseph Oliver

Sex is not merely the coming together of a man and woman; it is the coming together of man and woman for mutual sexual gratification or orgasm. This article goes through the role of foreplay in creating arousal. It also speaks about men who are suffering

Dancing together in the party, your hands accidentally rubbed through your husbands trousers and you sensed he has got a hard on. ‘Be prepared for tonight’, he said with a wink when you looked at him. The look told you that the night would be one of the many nights when you and your husband like to engage in a sexual escapade.

Sexual escapades like this one are fun filled nights (days, for those who will readily miss the monotonous office work for a dose of sex). The couple abandons all inhibitions and becomes one as if they will never part. Of this sexual intercourse is only a part and not the whole, as some of us will feel. It starts with foreplay, which is a preparation for sexual intercourse. Foreplay brings about mutual sexual gratification by arousing the couple. People engage in this act according to their age, religion and beliefs. Some of the most common acts are deep tongue kissing, touching and massaging erogenous zones, mutual masturbation, oral sex etc.

Foreplay is necessary to increase the emotional comfort level between partners. It also depicts the willingness of both partners to engage in the sexual activity. More specifically, foreplay helps bring an erection in men. In the women, the act of foreplaying results in vaginal lubrication. A man can comfortably move the woman to the heights of enjoyment when her wet vagina is invaded with his hard erect penis.

How hard you are will significantly influence the latter act of sexual intercourse? While many of us will feel fortunate of satisfying the urge of their spouses during this stage also, there are some men who cannot. The reason is there not having a proper erection or an erection that does not last for long. This is a serious problem and referred to as Erectile Dysfunction or ED in medical terminology. Erectile dysfunction creates rift in the relationship between the couple, with either the man feeling inferior or the women complaining for not being satisfied.

But medical science has devised a solution for erectile dysfunction. Now one no longer has to feel embarrassed for his failure on bed. With Levitra, the patient can get sufficient erection during the sexual intercourse. Levitra is a prescription drug and works by blocking PDE5. This smoothens the blood flow to the penis and thus creates a natural erection in user. Thanks to this discovery of Levitra, many men who were silently witnessing their relationship with spouse going down the dumps can now ably satisfy them. Who told science is heartless? With Levitra’s efforts in bringing the couple together, such statements are surely rendered baseless.

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