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GREAT SEX! Even Baby Boomers can have it! - Ted Crawford

The one topic I hear a lot of in the office from my baby boomer patients is how to have a better sex life. Believe it! I have patients in their 70s and 80s that are still experiencing a healthy, active sex life. I hear it everyday. Men come into the office asking for Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis and the women are inquiring about how to better lubricate to make intercourse possible and more comfortable. So baby boomers can have a great sex life with a few simple tools.

That's good! It is both fulfilling mentally and physically to have a healthy, active sex life. It bonds a relationship and makes it more fulfilling and deep. However, it has to be rewarding and enjoyable for both partners or it could lead to problems.

Both partners first of all, must have the desire and health to partake in sexual activity. If it is physically uncomfortable for the female due to lack of vaginal lubrication which can take place with loss of the estrogenic effect with menopause, then sexual intercourse can be painful for her and not something that she looks forward to. Remedies include hormonal estrogen creams or perhaps even a low dose oral estrogen supplement. One should discuss the pros and cons of each preparation with their physician. Lubrication gels or something as simple as baby oil can make intercourse a lot more enjoyable. I usually recommend this option initially to couples. Massaging each other slowly with oil prior to intercourse can be a very stimulating foreplay and sensual turn-on for each partner without the possible side effects of hormones.

The male must be able to attain and maintain an adequate erection in order to perform and this can be a challenge for many males as they age. In many cases, one can use one of the prescription medications (Cialis, Levitra, or Viagra) which work very well in helping a male both attain and maintain a solid erection. Some side effects are common with these medications including headache, nasal congestion, flushing, and back ache. These are usually short lived side effects and go away on their own. Do be aware that these medications should not be taken by men who are on nitrate medication (nitroglycerin tablets) and be careful if on any of the alpha-blocker medications as well. These are rather expensive pills (about $10/pill), but most men agree that the price is well worth it. A majority of the insurance prescription plans do not cover any or much of the cost of these. One thing that can be done is to purchase the highest dosage preparations and cut them in two which will save you money.

Males should also be checked for andropause (low testosterone of hypogonadism) by their doctor if they initially complain of erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone levels maybe the root of their problem and corrected with testosterone supplementation which consists of one of the gels or creams that are currently on the market for that purpose.

Do what you have to for setting the mood for a night of great sex. That's the key. Watch a romantic or even a funny movie in the dark or perhaps with candlelight. You may want to sip a glass of wine, but NOT too much. Alcohol can interfere with sexual prowess believe it or not. Snuggle, hold hands, peck each other on the cheek and give each other a back rub. Relax. Create a mood and let the night (or day) evolve. Enjoy!

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