Monday, June 12, 2006

Simple Steps To Becoming Sexually Appealing - By Carol Norda

So you have secured a date with a sexy guy/gal, but now you are filled with nerves as you get ready because you aren’t sure if it will go well. Well stop right there! Sex appeal is all about having the right attitude and a good dose of self confidence. Without these two ingredients you can forget about looking sexy. Before you even step out the door, the single most important dating tip that you can get is to work on your self image.

There is nothing sexy about someone who looks desperate. If your date has been dating for any length of time they will be able to spot a desperate person who doesn’t get out much, a mile away. Before you step out the door, remember that this one date is not going to make or break your social life forever. You are not dependent on how much this guy/gal likes you for your self worth, so be confident. Be sure to give your date some sexy smiles throughout the course of the evening and do not be afraid to talk about yourself as well.

Of course on every date you should listen to your date talk about him or herself and ask educated questions about what they have to say, but be confident about your own achievements as well. Talk about what you do for a living and what you like to do for fun. Remember, you are just as important as they are in this situation.

Be sure to smile. Once you find a date you do not want to scare them away by looking grumpy! Most people report that the sexiest thing about a person is their smile! So show those pearly whites and smile. You want your date to know that you are having a good time, or they will not even consider a second date. Forget about acting cool and aloof and show your date that you are having a good time by showing off your beautiful smile!

Confidence comes from within, and you need to feel good about yourself if you are going to project a confident attitude on your date. When you are part of the dating scene, it can be hard to always feel confident, but you can help this out by dressing for success. Wear something that you feel good in. You do not have to dress overly sexy; just wear something nice that you can relax in. You want to be able to look in the mirror and feel good about what you see. You should not have to worry what you look like throughout the night. You need to be confident that you look hot because that confidence will show through and your date will pick up on that.

Confidence and sex appeal comes from your own attitude. You need to feel good about yourself before you begin dating because if you do not like yourself, it will be hard to convince your date to like you as well. You want to attract a quality person who will like you for the person that you are, so project confidence on whatever date you go on and you will emanate sex appeal to everyone around you.

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