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After years of togetherness, does your sex life still pack a wallop? Can you and your partner still orchestrate a truly wonderful physical relationship? Or has the spark begun to flicker? Perhaps gone out altogether. Expand your horizons. Sex is not just the penis and vagina. There is a whole array of erogenous zones you may never have explored – from the mouth and the ears to the love button and the underside of the feet. Here are the ways and suggestions to re-ignite passions that can help you light a new fire even if all you see right now is the valiant flicker of dying embers!

Foreplay It is the basic part of whole love making experience. Long and sensual foreplay will give you the experience of the best sexual encounters. It will definitely increase the pleasure for both the partner and makes you sexually satisfied. Foreplay gives the man proper erection while women need foreplay to become properly lubricated. When the requirement of both the partners fulfilled they can proceed after having aroused completely. Foreplay includes kissing, undressing, patting and much more according to your thoughts.

Take a new look at sex Remember that sex is not always orgasm on demand; it is not even always intercourse. If you can get rid of this mind-set, you may well find that other kinds of passion play bring equally satisfying arousal. Try a sensuous massage.

Clean up your act How can you expect the loving to be great when you get into bed with the same sweaty T-shirt you have been wearing all day; or with your breath reeking of onion; or underarm fuzz? Cleanliness is next to sexiness. When you are freshly showered and powdered/perfumed, you feel more sensual. So, get fresh.

Give and receive Take turns in being the aggressive partner. If you have always been the one to indulge in all the foreplay, try giving your partner a chance to make some of the move. Not by saying, “Why don’t you…”. Instead, kiss or touch him/her. Then retreat – that gives your partner a chance to respond. Try being a passive partner now and again – you will realize what you have been missing.

Tell you partner what you like You assume you know what your partner enjoys in bed – although you may never have asked him/her. You also assume your partner knows what you enjoy – although you have never told her/him. If you try talking about each other’s desires, you might find a few surprises in store.

Finally take it easy Lovemaking should be leisurely, relaxed, not a goal-oriented performance. Sex is not a circus, and you are not a performing flea. If you analyze, decode and dissect each move and every response – such as whether she sighed yearningly enough, or whether his erection lasted long enough – you will forfeit all the enjoyment.

Overall, if you follow the above tips, you will have a more pleasing and enjoying sex life.

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