Friday, July 14, 2006

Erectile Dysfunction: Agonizing Men - by JESSICA JESSICA

It could have been a scene out of a sex thriller - a man suffering from erectile dysfunction opened fire on his sexologist who eventually died on the spot.

The crime of the sexologist – non-performance of the man in discussion in the bedroom and sexologist’s repeated inability to revive his manhood. The episode is a chilling reminder to those in the tricky business of curing male problems. Sexologists till now were blissfully unaware of this hazard of their occupation. An awakening has taken place amongst men about the quacks exploiting their sentiments for easy money without actually offering any cure.

But is there a cure? Erectile dysfunction amongst men has puzzled medical scholars for ages. Can it be equated with menopause in women? Certainly not because a number of men in their prime also have been found to be afflicted by the problem. Erectile dysfunction has solely been responsible for ravaging beautiful relationships – the man woman relationships otherwise have always been complex but erectile dysfunction seems have further complicated them.

The medical fraternity has been actively engaged, day in and day out, trying to find out a cure for erectile dysfunction.Direct injections and penile implants, though provided some succour to the affected men but have proved to be an agonizing affair. The pricking needle in any case will mar the natural desire of a man for sex – imagine trying getting an erection.

Thankfully ,Levitra has come to the rescue of men experiencing impotence. Levitra is a wonder pill used to temporarily cure erectile dysfunction in men by getting an erection and maintaining it. You can always buy levitra from genuine pharmacy. If other medical ailments like diabetes, epilepsy, problem with the thyroid or anxiety disorder exists, doctor should be consulted before consuming the pill. The physician’s advise is considered important lest its side effects may harm the man’s physical health adversely. Also, the drug is to be consumed at least an hour before a man wants to have sex. The couples seem to have added more to their conjugal life - kudos to Levitra.

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