Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Boost Your Sex Drive Without Drugs - By Myrna Caudill

Your sexual desire increases as your waist line decreases!

New research has shown that losing about 13% of your body weight over a two year period boosts sexual desire.

Your sex drive increases because you feel more sexually attractive.

200 people weighing an average weight close to 250 pounds completed a questionnaire. They were asked to rate their feelings on lack of sex drive to reluctance to being seen undressed and difficult sexual performances.

After being in a weight loss program for 12 months the participants completed another questionnaire and the results were:

26 percent reported not feeling sexually attractive, down from 68 percent at the beginning

34 percent report ed not wanting to be seen undressed, down from 63 percent

11 percent report not enjoying sexual activity, down from 21 percent

15 percent reported having little sexual desire, down from 39 percent

15 percent reported avoiding sexual encounters, down from 29 percent

12 percent reported difficulty with sexual performance, down from 27 percent

Low self esteem due to being overweight impacts sexual desire levels as well as health and lifespan.

Martin Binks a Duke University psychologist presented a study at a meeting of the Obesity Society showing that shedding a few pounds can improve things in the bedroom by making people feel better about their bodies.

You reap a lot of benefit from moderate weight loss of 10 to 13%. Binks said, "It's a wonderful message. You don't have to reach some ideal weight to be healthy and happy."

The feelings of being unattractive and the unwillingness to be seen naked deadened the sexual desire. Plus, when they wanted to have sex, the excess weight made it an ordeal.

That certainly was true of Carlene Wellington, 62, and her husband, Gary, 63, of suburban Tacoma, Wash.

Both were a healthy weight when they married 42 years ago, until she started to "show love" by cooking massive amounts of food. She and her husband ballooned to 237 and 355 pounds, respectively, and their sex life suffered.

"We had about 600 pounds in our bed," she said.

"I called it my workbench," because sex was so physically difficult," he said.

Carlene was embarrassed by her body. "I could get dressed without showing my skin, and had to have the lights off when we had sex," she said.

During sex, she often felt pressure in her chest, caused by anxiety and dread.

She now weighs 153 pounds and her tall husband a trim 235. "It's just like being married to a different person - or going back 25 years," she said.

Her husband recalled the day 13 years ago - after the couple has just lost a combined 200 pounds - when he looked at his wife one morning and told her she had a cute butt.

"I don't know if she thought I was trying to make her late for work or not," he said. But he was struck by how much he wanted to.

"The term "love is blind" is true," he said. But now that he and his wife have both lost weight, "things work better," and sex is again a joy.

A 13% weight loss for someone weighing 250 pounds is only 32.5 pounds. A weight loss of 2.7 pounds per week for 12 weeks would result in a loss of 32.4 pounds.

Lose weight and boost your sex drive.

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