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Anal Sex – Getting More From Your Sex Life - Sacha Tarkovsky

Anal sex can be extremely pleasurable for your women, but many women are not sure about trying it.

Here we will outline some tips for enjoying anal sex and how to introduce your partner should she feel unsure of trying it.

Keep in mind your partner maybe put off anal sex for a number of reasons:

She may think it’s dirty, immoral or she has had a bad experience. In many cases it can simply be the fear of trying something different.

Here are some tips for how to get the most from anal sex

Anal Sex – Start SLOWLY

Do not go straight to the anus, instead caress the inner thighs and bottom with your hands, mouth or both, to relax your partner.

The key here with your partner is to start gently and don’t rush straight into anal sex instead set a relaxed mood.

Anal sex – Safety

Cleanliness is essential with sex with the anal sex you need to make sure you both have a bath or a shower to start, which is also a great way to relax

When practicing anal sex make sure to use a lubricant and have plenty to make sure things go smoothly.


A good way to start performing analingus.

Start first with cunnilingus first to relax your partner and then start performing analingus.

The anus is a very sensitive area so, run your tongue in a circular motions rhythmic motion, to relax and stimulate her.

When your partner is relaxed and you can here she is starting enjoying it, you can push your tongue inside and let your imagination and tongue goes to work.

Move the tongue in and out and around and use gentle ticking, licking and thrusting into the anus to arouse pleasure variety of pressure and different motions should be used so your partner does not know what to expect.

Anal Fingering

Use plenty of lubricant in the area and then put a generous amount of lubricant on your finger before you begin.

Start off gently, by making circles around her anus with a finger before you try to insert your finger, this will relax your partner and make her aroused with the anticipation of what is to comes next.

Keep in mind that if your partner is not used to anal fingering she may be tense and a little nervous and you will notice she may tense her buttocks.

Relax her, gently kiss and lick her all over her body, perform cunnilingus and then slowly approach the anus.

Once your fingers are inside, you can start exploring and watch her reaction to see what motions she enjoys.

Move up the pressure or penetration slowly, don’t move to fast. The key here is for your partner to be relaxed and showing you she enjoys whatever you are doing.

A few basic moves in anal fingering are:

1. Moving your finger in a circular motion around the inside walls of the rectum

2. Moving in circular rhythmic way along a specific region of the anus

3. Moving your fingers in and out of the anus, rotating your hand and moving your finger around in a circular motion.

You may combine all the above to give her anal pleasure while fingering and variety will help you discover what she likes.

Communication between you and your partner is essential and it is also important you don’t go too quickly.

Anal Intercourse

The basics of good anal sex you and your partner can enjoy together as part of a loving relationship starts with the plenty of lubrication, relaxation and a slow, gentle approach.

A gentle approach is more important with the penis than your finger and tongue, as it is of course far bigger, so if your partner is not used to anal sex she may be tense and it could cause her discomfort.

Let her guide and lead you with regard to what she wants and follow her wishes

Anal Toys

Butt Plugs Vibrators and climax beads can provide your partner with a lot of pleasure

A butt plug is a rubber plug that can inserted into the rectum. Once in, you can leave it where it is, or move it in and out, depending on the sensation you wish to arouse

Many women like the sense of intrusion that butt plugs bring which can be a huge turn on

Keep in mind you can get butt plugs in various sizes. If your partner is not used to them start with a small one first and work up the sizes when she is ready.

Vibrators perform the same function as butt plugs, but vibrate! Many women like the rhythm and tingling sensation that this provides and it adds a different dimension over the static butt plug.

Climax Beads

They range from soft to firm in texture and normally consist of about 6 to 16 balls connected with a flexible cord.

They are a great introduction to anal sex, as they are smaller and less intimidating for women particularly those who have never tried anal sex.

To start using them, insert bead by bead into the anus. When they are all inserted, leave the beads inside until your partner is getting near to the point of orgasm.

The beads are then pulled out one by one. This can greatly intensify a climax for any women.

Anal Sex Final Words

The anus is an extremely sensitive area and when bought into love making between couples can enhance any sexual relationship. You need to keep in mind however that certain people have hang ups about it and can be nervous so, communication and a gentle approach are needed.

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