Monday, January 05, 2009

Are You Good in Bed? - Find Out For Sure With These Simple Signs!
By Maria Holland

These days men are asking themselves more and more if they are really as good in bed as they think they are, and as close as you are to your lover can you really trust the answer she would give if you asked her straight out? Even if you are not that good in bed she may tell you that you are just to spare your feelings. That is why in this article I am going to be giving you some signs that you can look out for when having sex with your lover so that you can truly judge how good you are sexually!

Is She Tired After Sex? - An orgasm is a physically and emotionally draining experience and anyone who has just been given one, especially with women, will be quite tired afterward and would like a break for a while before doing anything. If your lover is not tired at all after sex it could be due to the fact that you have not given her an orgasm!

Did She Pull Her Orgasm Face? - The orgasm face is one of the things that cannot be prevented, during an orgasm the face muscles contract and relax so much that it is near impossible not too have a funny look on your face. Keep an eye out during sex to see if your lover gets this face and you will have your answer to whether or not she climaxed.

If you notice that she is not doing either of these then you can safely say that she is not climaxing during your sexual encounters, but do not worry check out my next article to see ways in which you could improve your sexual technique.

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