Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Only for Men-- The Top 15 American Geisha Secrets on How to Please Your Woman - Py Kim-Conant

What can a guy do when his woman just doesn’t want as much sex as the guy does?

1. Talk about her emotional involvement in the relationship. Is she in love with you or not? Happy? Satisfied?

2. Let her know how important sex and emotional involvement both are to you

3. Emphasize how emotionally close to her when sex makes feel good

4. Emphasize making the relationship better and more committed, especially in the long-term

5. Tell her honestly how it hurts your male ego and sense of yourself as a man when she says, “NO”

6. Discuss whether it is the relationship or her own basic level of sexual interest that keeps your lovemaking so infrequent

7. Discuss your level of commitment and her level of sexual interest

8. Propose a trade of more frequent sex per week and you giving her something she wants in exchange

9. Talk about whether she comes easily or at all, and what turns her on

10. Ask how you can make her (the woman) happier in and out of bed

11. Ask for a guided tour of her clitoris and how she likes to be stimulated

12. Discuss whether she needs more foreplay, and what kind

13. Don’t compete with her vibrator? Be a good friend with you

14. Buy a vibrator for her. Encourage her to use it, especially while you make love

15. Give her the book, "Sex Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep
Your Man," so she understands how important sex is to a man, and how powerful she is in the relationship when she has enthusiastic sex with her Good Man.

Py Kim Conant is the author of “Sex Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep Your Man.” Py has appeared on radio shows nationally, including Sirus Playboy radio “Afternoon Advice with Tiffany Granath”show. Py teaches a class on “How to Be Married in a Year” for the Learning Annex and lives in Los Angeles with her happy husband, and has practiced all that she preaches!
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