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Having the Best Boners - The Importance of Male Sexual Health - D. Marie Pollack

Men's sexual health is an important matter and performing or not performing to the satisfaction of your partner can boost or deplete your ego. You must know that when it comes to sexual performance concerns you are not alone. There are times when all men have troubles achieving their best boners, or the ultimate erection.

What is a boner? According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary a boner is a noun and offers three definitions. 1: one that bones, 2: a clumsy or stupid mistake, 3: usually vulgar : an erect penis. Here we are talking about the third definition "an erect penis". To learn how to get your best boners, or the ultimate erection you must first understand how the penis works and how an erection is formed. The penis is made up of three chambers, two large chambers on top, which comprise the erectile tissue and one smaller chamber on the bottom from which urination and ejaculation takes place. When a man is sexually aroused his brain releases a hormone that causes blood to enter his penis and fills the erectile tissue. The cells fill with blood until an erection is reached. When this happens, the blood pressure inside the penis rises dramatically and it enlarges and stiffens to "bone like" status, pointing upwards, this is where the slang term "boner" originates from. As an erection disappears, the arteries in the penis narrow again. Then the veins open, removing the blood again and the flow returns to normal.

You must agree the best boners are the biggest, hardest, most ultimate erections that make you feel viral, sexually adept and manly. Although this may be true in part the best boners are the ones that totally satisfy your ego making you more sexually aroused and strong. When you are completely sexually aroused there is more blood flow to your penis and it becomes harder and your size increases. Your penis shaft stiffens and becomes rock hard. When the penis shaft is stiff and "bone like" it is able to cause more friction thus producing greater nerve stimulation to you and your partner. This helps to heighten and enhance sexual pleasure and fulfillment for the both of you.

Let's face the facts; at times getting your best boners can be a tough task. To ease your mind you should know that this can be a normal experience. A decline in the quality of your erection size and the lack of your sexual energy will occur from time to time. This does not automatically mean that you are impotent. There is an array of reasons why this happens. It can be because of simple every day stress, fatigue or anxiety to name just a few. But, if your problem worsens or becomes more frequent and your sexual response continues to slow you will want to first be honest with your partner and be open about the situation. Second, you will want to contact your physician to get tested for an underlying physical condition that could be causing restricted blood flow to your penis.

If you feel that your erections are waning and you are unable to produce your best boners there is a wide range of penis enhancement methods, procedures and natural supplements that you can choose from, don't be shy to ask your Doctor for help. Please be wary of companies touting untested and unsafe penis enlargement methods and programs and do be very careful in your search. Research has shown that some of the enhancement methods on the market are not only utterly ridiculous they are simply harmful. The best methods out there are the ones that are all natural, safe and effective with some proven research behind them.

D. Marie Pollack is a freelancer journalist, copywriter and editor schooled in natural health and herbal remedies. She has written numerous articles and web content for online publications and websites. Find helpful information on natural herbal supplements for men and how to achieve peak sexual health. Visit

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