Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Loving You - The First Time - By Robin Henry

We were alone at last. Everyone else had gone home. We moved closer to each other. I slowly and ever so lightly run my finger around your lips three or four times. You find it pleasureable, especially as I stroke the corners of your mouth. I gently suck one or two of your fingers and run my tongue around the web between them. Maybe you're a little surprised at how good it feels, after all, fingers are hardly erogenous zones … are they? While doing that I gently caress your bottom from the back of the thigh upward and feel pleasure at your smoothness and lovely shape. I kiss your lips several times changing between open mouthed, tongue inserted. And lick you a little. I think about how wonderful it will be to enter you and to feel you thrusting against me. That promise is imminent, no longer a dream which I have dreamt for so long. As we draw closer I nibble your ear lobes and gently blow into your ears. I stick my finger into an ear ... gently. My moist tongue finds its way into your ears and as I blow softly a short, but intense surge of pleasure trickles through your brain and (hopefully) the smell of my cologne or the background aromatherapy scent give you even more pleasure. As I run my tongue up under your jaw you tilt your head back a little which causes your pelvis to move forward. You feel my erect penis pushing against you. Wanting you.

You're starting to get aroused too. Your vagina has swollen a little and you feel it getting moist ready to fulfil one of the the tasks the great architect intended.

I keep kissing you and blowing into your ear as I unbutton your blouse and undo your bra. My hand slides gently down the side of your body to your bottom and you feel me stroke it gently, this time without clothing under my hand. You hear my breathing getting heavier and you know that in a short while I'll cum inside you … you'll feel the spurt of my hot fluid and the thought excites you … but not yet. You put your hand into my open trousers and hold my penis and sub-consciously wonder how it will feel. Is it large enough? Stiff enough?

I gently massage the base of your skull and a surge of unexpected, but appreciated pleasure courses through you. Nobody has ever done this before.

You are enjoying the play of your senses, the smell from my incense burner and my nearness make you feel fully relaxed. You take your hand off my secreting penis and smell the pre-ejaculate that is on your fingers. It's a pleasant smell and from your primordial memory, it arouses in you a need to feel me thrusting inside. Any inhibitions you had dissipate as your need for intimacy takes over and you feel that you want to be fucked in every hole. Your body tingles with pleasure as I ever so lightly run my fingers up each side of your body from your hips to under your armpits and around to the base of your breast. I do this several times while kissing you. You groan with pleasure and tell me you want more. I'm listening to you and want nothing more than to give you the sensation and pleasure you need to be fulfilled. My needs are secondary, but I'm overwhelmed to share with you the deepest level of union two people can experience. After all, you are special to me … I've thought so since the moment we first met.

I place my five fingers at the back of each of your breasts gently massaging towards your nipples without touching them. You enjoy it immensely and give out a slight groan. I see your eyes shut and run my fingers through your thick, black hair pressing your scalp. Your nipples become harder and slightly swollen as pleasure from my touch courses through your body. You feel more lubricant saturating your vagina. I kiss your breasts, sucking gently and running my tongue around them in circles. My hand still kneads your bottom. While kissing your breasts my hand moves towards your perineum; my fingers slide over the outside of your anus and perineum ever so gently but stop short of touching your vagina. You enjoy this and open your legs a little as to signal that you are ready.

Still playing with my penis, you feel sticky fluid dribbling from my glans preparing it to ejaculate in you. You feel my pulse throbbing in your hand and know that soon I will be throbbing inside you … and you hope for a mind-numbing orgasm. But not yet.

By this we are both very aroused and feel we could just chuck the clothes and pound away at each other like procreating rabbits. But we resist … there's no rush. And after all, this is fun. The pleasure is in the preparation. It makes the ending better.

I peel your shirt off, pull down your jeans and I'm overwhelmed by how beautiful you are … much more beautiful than I had imagined. Your lovely tan skin glistens and your smile and brown eyes are more beautiful than ever. I'm almost overcome with animal instincts to ram my penis into you and pound madly away. But although that's what I want more than anything, I hold back, knowing that your needs are different. I need to be patient. In the end we will share a beautiful experience.

My clothes have miraculously "fallen" off too. My white skin contrasts against yours. I look into your eyes and get an instantaneous glimpse of your inner beauty. It's not all about sex … it's about intimacy of body AND soul. It's been such a long while for me and I want so much to share this union with you … you are special. That's why I've chosen you to share this moment. I want to know you better, more intimately. Not just as work colleagues and platonic friends.

As you lie back, I run my tongue down the centre of your abdomen and stop just short of your uretheral opening. I grab your hips and begin massaging you several inches below the belly button. I spend a minute or two doing this. It feels wonderful for both of us and you wonder how much more you can take before you cum. I softly rub my fingers up your inner thighs which you open a little. I kiss your lips. I suck and kiss your breasts. As I do that I'm lying over the top of you. You feel the glans of my penis bumping against your vagina, thighs and lower abdomen and wonder how much longer you can wait. You grab my bottom with both hands and pull me towards you. It's time! It's time!

But I slip away. My finger gently circles your uretheral opening which sends a shiver through your spine. You groan. My finger moves to your clitoris. Your vagina is very, very moist and beautiful. (In a few seconds of lucidity I recall the words of my favourite poet, Keats: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever") I softly stroke your clitoris in a circular fashion and I feel it firming against my finger. I move back a little and placing my head between your legs circle your uretheral opening several times with my tongue. At the same time my fingers gently circle your anus. You are breathing heavily … so am I. I'm almost ready to burst. My penis is as large as it will ever get and it's started pulsating a little. Throb! Throb! I'm doing everything I can not to lose control. I want nothing else but to enter you and pump madly. But I hold back.

I slide my tongue around your clitoris and run it up and down your vagina. I smell and taste your fluid. My pulse is quickening and my penis throbbing madly. I stick the middle finger of my right hand into you and gently massage the front of your vaginal chamber, just about where your "G" spot should be. Your reaction tells me that I've found the target. You start moving back and forwards against my finger in an increasing rhythm. I'm worried that my finger will do the trick and I'll be left wanting. I extract my finger and I lie back on the couch at 45 degrees pushing my penis up as high as possible. I summon you to slide onto me. You hop up, swing your leg over me and pull back both sides of your labia with your fingers. As you lower yourself onto me I let out an uncontrollable ecstatic groan and start moving my pelvis up and down in accord with yours. You are warm. You are moist. You are firm. I love what you are doing with me. I can see your beautiful body in front of me. Your brown skin, lovely shape. Your breasts bounce up and down. Up and down. I try to get every last millimeter inside you, grabbing your buttocks for leverage. You've built up a rhythm. You're groaning with ecstasy each time you thrust. I feel like I'm going to cum, but I want to hold back. I say, "Wait a minute". You stop thrusting and I kiss your breasts. They are smallish, but beautiful, rounded with adequate nipples. I'm so pleased you are sharing yourself with me. And so surprised that with a world full of much more attractive men, you chose me to share this wonderful moment. (How lucky can one be in one lifetime?)

I suggest you turn round so that my penis rubs against your "G" spot. You agree. I feel you on me again. Thrusting. The lovely shape of your hips, buttocks and back excite me. I let out intermittent groans of pleasure and keep thrusting up when you thrust down. I feel the glans of my penis bumping into the wall of your vagina, your "G" spot, and wonder what would happen if I had a really large penis.

Your body tenses. Your groaning increases. You thrust a little harder. A little quicker. I can feel you are about to come, so I thrust a little deeper and pull you down on me. You cum, not once, but three times in succession. You let out a loud cry of pleasure and I feel your vagina loosen and moisten. All the tension dissipates from your body. I'm so happy that I have given you such pleasure. I pull you back against me and we relax a little while. I kiss your neck and put my arms around your waist. I touch your breasts. We need to savour the moment. The warmth of your body against me is beautiful. You are beautiful and fleetingly, I again wonder how I could be so lucky to share this moment with you. Me. An ordinary Joe with nothing special but a good sense of humour and a caring nature.

After a couple of minutes it's my turn. At my request, you roll over into the "doggie" position. I see your vagina and ram my penis into you. I put my arms under you and hold your shoulders as I thrust away at you. Then I hold your hips and pull you onto me. Your vagina feels wonderful as your buttocks slap against my things. Once again I see the shape of your hips, waist and back that excites me. I'm ready to cum, but I want to savour the moment. I hold back a little. Thrust. Hold back. Thrust. What a shame such pleasure has to come to an end, I think.
I ask you to lie on your back. I lie beside you and lifting your leg, insert my penis into you as far as I can get it. Several moves and I feel the rush of orgasm. A tingling sensation goes from top to bottom of my body at the same time as I feel a fantastic release. With an uncontrollable groan I close my eyes and ejaculate into you. It takes two or three "pulses" to unload my semen. I feel so relaxed. My penis stays hard and I put my arms about you and cuddle you. The warmth and softness of your body makes me feel so happy. It's not all about orgasm. The world is wonderful. You are wonderful. Everything is wonderful. I feel at peace, totally relaxed.

I think about how very lucky I am. I tell you how very much I needed this intimacy and how wonderful it was. I hope you enjoyed it too and will come back for more. They say it takes three or five times of intimacy to really get "off" together. I so hope this will be the case for us.

After 15 or 20 minutes lying together my penis starts to soften. Eventually it’s become so small, it slips out. We have a laugh and I suggest having a lovely, warm bath together. I reignite the aromatherapy oil and move it to the bedroom and run the bath. We talk while we wait. You lie with your head on my chest. I smell your hair and enjoy your touch. You enjoy feeling yourself against me.

I tip some lavender bath crystals into the bath and hop in. You hop in lying between my legs (after all, you are smaller). You lean back and I hug you and kiss your neck and run my hands around your breasts. I tell you again how very much I enjoyed you and thank you for sharing yourself with me. You are equally happy. It just happens that I have some chilled wine and two glasses nearby. I pour them and place them on the side of the bath tub. You take a sip and comment, "Good food, good sex and good wine. What more can a woman want?" I take a sip of my wine and begin to wash you with some lavender soap and a cloth ball (god knows what these are called, but you know what I mean.)

For days later I keep recalling my experience until it all happens again and we do it differently and the old experience is replaced by the new.

You are beautiful and I enjoy you immensely.

Copyright 2006 Robin Henry

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Robin Henry is an educator, human resources specialist and Internet entrepreneur. He helps home-based businesses and individuals improve performance by applying smart technology and processes and developing personally. He runs his business Desert Wave Enterprises from his home base at Alice Springs in Central Australia, although at present he is on temporary assignment in the United Arab Emirates.

This item is quite different from his usual articles as he attempts a new style of writing.

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