Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cunnilingus Techniques to Drive Her Wild - By Jerry Pickett

If your experiences with women have forced you to the realization that the female orgasm during penetration can be elusive at best, then consider how crazy many women are about cunnilingus and what that tells you about how best to satisfy her. To be both willing and able to perform cunnilingus techniques in a skilled and passionate way is a great ability to have if you want to keep your mate sexually interested and more than willing to return the favor.

This is a good way to get started giving your woman pleasure with cunnilingus:

* Lick her vagina from bottom to top, slowly and gently. Really take your time, letting her know that you’re savoring every moment of it. After doing this several times, start to penetrate her with your tongue near the g-spot at the top, in and out, in and out.

* Take the clitoris in your mouth and suck on it, then release. Do this several times and see how she is responding.

* Take the clitoris in your mouth again, but this time rather than releasing, hold it in your mouth and move your tongue around it. See how far you can go with this in intensity and speed.

* While doing the above, add some fingering by taking your index and middle finger and penetrating her at the top of the vaginal entrance to stimulate the g spot. You’re now working the clitoris and the g spot for maximum effect.

Experiment with these steps a little, altering them slightly to see what she is reacting to. This should be a good start in satisfying your woman’s sexual appetite, and at the same time you can continue to learn techniques over time to try out at different points in the relationship.

Naturally, not all women are going to respond wildly to the same things.

Also, don’t feel silly about reading and educating yourself on how to pleasure your woman. In fact, tell her about it – she’ll probably love your unselfish actions and attitude. Remember that few things can be more satisfying for a man than to be considered an ‘expert’ lover (regardless of penis size) – the kind girls can’t wait to tell their girlfriends about.

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