Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All Humans are Motivated By Sex; Why All the Guilt? - By Lance Winslow

We know that all humans are genetically motivated by sex and that is probably why we have nearly 7 billion people on the planet now. Obviously there's a lot of sex going on otherwise there would not be so many people being made. Nevertheless, something so natural to the human species has turned into a very negative thing by religious folks and many have created a sense of guilt for the desire of sex.

This is unfortunate because it is probably the most natural occurring thing in the human body and has insured procreation of all the last generation's leading up to you today. Whoever decided to associate guilt with the desire for sex is indeed an evil person and any religion that tries to say that we should feel guilty for the desire of sex is an animal and is using something that is very natural for the human species as a way to try to control them and fill guilty and lower the individual's self-esteem.

There's nothing wrong with desiring sex as a matter-of-fact it helps in supercharging the immune system of the human body. When everything is working right you should indeed be desiring sex because the chemicals in your brain or working correctly. This is not to say you should not refrain from overdoing it in a civilized society, which has a set of rules.

We all agree to live under a set of laws and principles and we should follow those and that goes without saying. But feeling guilty for desiring sex is about the silliest and stupidest thing I've ever heard and you should never follow a religion that has you believing such utter hokum.

Consider this in 2006.
Lance Winslow

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