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Love Making Tips - A Women's Guide To Making Their Man a Better Lover - Sacha Tarkovsky

The love making tips here are for women who want to gain a greater understanding of male sexuality and help themselves and their partners, achieve greater sexual satisfaction.

Here are 6 lovemaking tips guaranteed to enhance your sex life.

1. Kissing

Women love to be kissed and so do men, however in a recent poll of women 60% complained that their men lacked a good kissing technique.
So, its time to show him how it’s done!
Make him stop and tell him you are going to kiss him.
Kiss him the way you like it and whatever type of kiss you give him slow, fast or hard, he will know what you like and be able respond

2. Oral Sex Tip

When performing oral sex don’t just use your mouth.
To give your man even more pleasure use your hands. Try placing your fingers around the shaft at the base and moving your hand in time with your mouth.
By doing this you will increase the friction and stimulation on the penis and give him a fantastic feeling of pleasure.

3. Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be problem for most men at sometime in their lives and presents two problems:
You still are hot and steamy and he feels self conscious!
When this happens try the following:
Wrap your thighs around his smash and grind into him.
The Clitoris is only the tip of your main pleasure tool, the rest is located just under the labia and when you press it hard against him you are hitting this pleasure zone full on.
This will allow you to continue to enjoy stimulation and have the psychological affect of making your man forget he came early!
This is a confidence booster for him, as it shows your desire and there are no awkward silences to contend with.
Premature ejaculation is caused by nervousness and your man being too eager to please.
The above will help relax him, turn him on, make him less self conscious for next time and you still get satisfaction.

4. Penis Size Complex

Men with small penises tend to be self conscious and many women feel bigger is better, but this is not so.
Try doing the following to overcome this myth and make your partner feel good:
Use positions for deep penetration such as the doggie style, or if using standard missionary position get deeper penetration by:
Putting a pillow under your pelvis and placing your legs on his shoulders.
If you want to be on top, grind in a circular motion to boost clitoris stimulation and press hard against the pelvic bone.
The above positions will give you all the pleasure you need and your partner will enjoy them as well.

5. Your Taste

Don’t get the satisfaction you want from oral sex?
Your man is reluctant to do it?
In many instances this is due to your attitude.
Many men simply don’t give oral sex their full attention if they are worried about their partner not getting pleasure.
When you are silent or self conscious he won’t give it his full attention.
So relax and show you’re enjoying yourself!
Relax and concentrate on the sensations.
Moan, make eye contact, tell him what you like and run your hand over his hair and body to form an initiate connection.
If he sees you are relaxed and enjoying it he will concentrate and you enjoy it more.

6. Take the lead

Most men feel under pressure to perform and don’t always like the responsibility!
Your partner wants to please you so let them know how - Most men won’t be offended, they will be delighted.
Many men think that what worked for their previous lover will work for you and of course this is not the case. Take control tell him what you like and what you don’t and guide him to please you.
There you are, six love making tips that will help you and your partner enjoy better sex - follow the above tips and enjoy them!


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