Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sex Survey Reveals Kinky Tastes - By Lance Russell

A recent survey undertaken by sex toys reveals people’s favorite toys in the bedroom. The research also found many Valentines may receive a sex toy wrapped in red this Valentine’s Day.

The survey revealed 74% of both women and men would “love” to receive a sex toy as a gift. The other 26% thought it sounded fun, and no one in the survey found the idea objectionable.

The survey established that, of those participating in the survey, 24% already owned 1 or 2 toys, 56% owned 3-6, 11% owned “Gobs” of toys and 9% don’t currently own a sex toy.

Regarding the question “What is your favorite sex toy?” respondents had a fill-in-the-blank response, not a multiple-choice answer. They wrote in the following choices:

17% Rabbit Vibrator

11% Glass Dildo

10% Vibrator (Non-Specified Type)

8% Love all sex toys

7% Sex Swing

7% Strap On Dildo

6% Bullet Vibrator

5% Dildo

4% Cock Ring & Vibrating Cock Ring

4% Anal plug or bead

3% Cyberskin Sex Toy

20% other toys or none yet

“We were surprised by several of the results,” said Ron Jacks, partner at “One result that amazed us, even though our survey was taken on our adult toy website, was that everyone found receiving a sex toy as an appealing gift. Another result that raised several eyebrows here was how many straight men indicated their favorite sex toy was not for use on themselves but rather for use on the women in their life. Of the total men surveyed, 16% indicated their favorite toy was using a vibrator on their significant other with another 7% suggesting a glass dildo.”

618 people participated in the survey. 10% of the women and 7% of men described themselves as bisexual, and 4% of people indicated they were gay.

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Lance Russell is the author of the book "Recipes for Better Sex: 75 Delicious Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life." He has lectured on human sexuality at several California universities. In addition, he is co-owner of the sex toy store

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