Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How Disabled People Overcome Their Disabilities For Better Sexual Health - By Gregg Hall

Contrary to the opinion of mainstream society, people who suffer from disabilities are still able to enjoy pleasurable sexual experiences. For the most part these people can participate in sexual activity and take pleasure in the intimacy of having a partner. Participating in a healthy sexual relationship is a critical part of therapy do the disabled and helps them rebuild self confidence.

Even though there are those who believe that disabled people should not want to be sexually active, this is not factual because people with disabilities still long to be touched and loved just like a person who is totally healthy. It is vitally important to help educate the disabled with the information that can help them overcome their particular disability and enjoy a healthy sex life.

One of the big issues for the disabled is the concern of pregnancy. The decision to have children is a difficult one and requires much planning and forethought. Questions that need to be examined include, whether the disabilities are genetic and likely to be passed on to children, how pregnancy can affect the woman's health, how will the children be cared for and how will it affect the lives of the parents, and more. The best thing to do is have a consultation with a medical professional to discuss all of the ramifications involved before making a decision.

A woman with disabilities has many things to consider before making a choice to get pregnant and go through labor, delivery, and the life changing responsibility of raising children. She should be sure to take the time to go over every concern with her doctor and she also needs to be aware of all of the emotional changes that will happen during the entire process.

People who have disabilities are normal human beings and deserve the same respect that the general population gets and this includes the area of sexuality. It is wrong to look down upon them for wanting to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship like everyone else in society. If you have someone in your life that has a disability then you must know that the only way to shop that you are accepting and supportive of them is to totally believe in their right to find a partner and be married.

In addition you must also be supportive of their right to have children just like anyone else on earth. People with disabilities are entitled to the same access to sexual education materials as anyone else does and this will assist them to make the right decisions in regards to their sexual relationships.

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