Monday, January 01, 2007

Sexual Tips for Guys - How to Find Her Sweet Spot - Scott Patterson

Finding sexual tips that'll improve your lovemaking can be extremely difficult with all of all of the conflicting information that's out there. In fact, every site seems to disagree on what is the best technique for pleasing your woman.

So how do you know where to start when looking for advice which will improve your sex life?

Well that's a hard question to answer…

While there are a number of ways to please a woman, a great lover knows the key to fulfilling her every desire starts before the act of sex. If you can find her "sweet-spots", then you'll be one step closer to giving her the big "O"!

What are these sweet spots?

Since every woman is different, I can't list every area that turns her on. But what I can do is talk about different areas that are commonly known to be sources of great pleasure. If you pay attention to the sexual tips provided in this article and concentrate on these areas, you'll definitely rock her world!

If you haven't guessed it by now, the sweet spots I've been talking about are called erogenous zones. These are areas on a woman which produce excitement whenever stimulated.

While you might think the only erogenous zone on a woman is her breasts, in truth there are a lot of areas which can get her excited when properly stimulated.

If you're having trouble locating her erogenous zones, here are few areas where you can start:

Her Neck-

Women's necks are probably the most sensitive area on her body. If you learn to properly kiss and caress this area, you'll probably drive her wild. When playing with her neck, you should try to gently run your fingers along it and kiss this area lightly. Another thing that works is to lightly nibble her neck.

Her Hands-

A woman's sense of touch is very important to her. That's why knowing how to caress and kiss her hands can build quickly build excitement.

Try playing with her fingers, running your hands along her palms and even giving her a hand massage. Focusing on her hands is a powerful technique because most guys never take the opportunity to concentrate on this area.

Her Ears-

A woman's ear is another really sensitive area. She'll probably go nuts if you nibble or lick her ears.

One word of caution though, sensitivity in a woman's ears often varies. Some love it, while others hate it. So be cautious, start slowly and test out her reactions.

Her Feet-

If you've ever seen the movie 'Pulp Fiction', then you know the power of a good foot massage. By learning to caress and touch a woman's feet without tickling her, she'll practically melt in your arms.

Try giving her a foot massage by gently touching and kneading this area. Look for her reactions and then move on from there.

Her Inner Thighs-

This area on a woman is incredibly sensitive to touch. Since her inner thigh is an area which is close to the 'promised land', you have to earn her trust you before you start to caress this area.

Try stroking this area, perhaps even kiss it (if she allows you to). She'll love you for it!

The erogenous zones on women can be a constant source of excitement and pleasure. By knowing how to properly stimulate these areas, you'll have her practically ripping your clothes off, begging for sex.

All you have to do is follow the erogenous zone sexual tips that I provided in this article, and you'll be one step closer to becoming her best lover!

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