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Turkish Sex Matters -The 'Lying Eyes Club' of Turkey #2 of 3 - Jim Masters

The 10 Basic Varieties of Unfaithful Turkish Lovers

According to 'The Lying Eyes Club' of Turkey, there are 10 basic categories of unfaithful Turkish lovers/partners -- who are motivated, in some cases, by strong positive or negative emotions and, in other cases, by almost no emotion at all. The categories are: Mental Cheaters, Virtual Cheaters, "Testing 1, 2, 3" Cheaters, Physical Cheaters, Platonic Cheaters, Mulish or Spiteful Cheaters, Eye-for-an-Eye Cheaters, Multi-party Cheaters, Partner 'Pre-Approved' Cheaters, and Romantic Cheaters. And, they are characterized in the following ways...

1) Mental Cheaters (Beyinde Aldatmalari): The cheating is confined to the mind of the cheater who imagines, but doesn't act on his/her desires or fantasies. At worst, the cheater thinks of someone else, while making love to his/her partner.

2) Virtual Cheaters (Sanal Aldatmalari): Involves encounters on the Internet in Chat Rooms and such. Can be quite stimulating, but doesn't involve anything physical, just yet. It's the first stage for those wanting to test the cheating waters.

3) "Testing 1, 2, 3" Cheaters (Deneme 1-2 Aldatmalari): The cheaters actually meet face to face, but don't have sex. Gives them a chance to measure their guilty consciences. If their guilt-complex meters read low, of course, then their next step is sex.

4) Physical Cheaters (Fiziksel Aldatmalari): Sex is the only goal/aim for cheaters in this category. And... because they don't let their emotions get involved, this sort of cheater may not even consider 'pure sex' to be 'real cheating'.

5) Platonic Cheaters (Platonik Aldatmalari): Cheaters of this variety remain discreet and somewhat distant -- always demonstrating 'good taste'. They may actually be in love but they don't become physically involved with the object of their affection.

6) Mulish or Spiteful Cheaters (Inat için Aldatmalari): In this category, cheating arises when one partner is overly jealous of the other. The object of the jealousy feels smothered -- and reasons silently, "Well, since you already believe me guilty of cheating, and don't seem to trust me anyway, I might as well go ahead and cheat for real."

7) Eye-for-an-Eye Cheaters (Kisasa Kisas Aldatmalari): A revenge cheater is unfaithful with the first willing person he/she encounters, after learning that his/her partner has cheated on him/her. "If you can do it, so can I," is the motto of cheaters in this group.

8) Multi-party Cheaters (Multi Aldatmaları): Refers to those unfaithful ones who cheat with several people at the same time -- and/or who cheat with the partners of other cheaters. It is in this category of cheaters that Pınar Altug falls -- because she neatly 'completed the square' consisting of husband Umut Elçioglu, Tony Teodoridis, Can Tezal, and toy-boy Yagmur Atacan -- which gave her bragging rights over competing cheaters, and won her the Poster Girl spot on the "Lyin' Eyes Club" website.

Next: Categories 9 and 10 plus an afterword to the '10 Basic Varieties of Unfaithful Turkish Lovers"

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