Friday, March 02, 2007

Giving Your Woman Tantric Orgasms Over and Over Again - Ben Ehinger

Giving your woman tantric orgasms over and over again

Men, pay attention to this article! You need to know how to give your woman tantric orgasms because she will give you whatever you want if you know how to do this. Now I will be honest, I can only give you a few tips in this article, but these tips alone can raise your sex life to new heights.

First, learn your woman. More often than not men are only worried about getting theirs and what pleases them. They don’t take the time to really tune into what their woman like and what drives her wild. I don’t know how many women I have met that have never had a great sexual experience with a man.

The kicker is the men they were with never knew that their woman was not satisfied. Most women don’t want to have to tell you that they are not getting what they want. They want you to take the time to figure it out. That is your job.

Second, slow things down and make the foreplay last longer. The whole key to getting your woman to orgasm is to get her really hot and bothered before the actual act of intercourse. If she is really turned on and ready to go and you keep teasing her, this will create suspense and a build up. When you finally do start to have intercourse she will orgasm faster and much harder than ever before.

My last hint is to simply listen to your woman. Ask her questions and listen. She will be happy to give you pointers on what she likes as long as you ask and you take an interest. Plus you will get benefits from this because when you show that you want to please your woman she will be so willing to start trying the new things that you are learning that you will be having more sex and doing more exciting things than ever before.

The one thing you have to remember is that your woman wants to please you. When you please her and really show that you want her to be happy she will be more willing to learn how you really like to be pleased. Share a new learning experience with your woman and give her tantric orgasms every night.

Do you want your woman bragging to all of her friends about how great sex is with you? Give your woman what she wants and she will give you anything you desire. Learn all the keys to driving your woman crazy in bed, and start having sex every single night. Get more information now:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i enjoy sex anythime.
happy birthday , enjoy youre day.
greetz from the Netherlands Holland.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Anna A. said...

Thank you for the b-day wishes. I have something in common with you then because I enjoy sex anytime too. hehehe. Thanks again.

Have a happy day.


8:07 PM  

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