Friday, November 10, 2006

Boosting Your Sexual Confidence! - Kate Thompson

Birds do it, Bee's do it... let's face it we all do it! Enjoying and participating in sex is one of the sweetest gifts we as human beings have at our disposal. Being liberated to enjoy yourself between the sheets is sometimes hard to achieve considering the negative stigma's and attitude's one encounters in life. Many people are raised to believe that sex is wrong and that enjoying sex makes you a “bad” person. Fundamentally this theory will never make sense, sex is what created you in the first place. How did sex get such a bad rap anyways? Sex is healthy, it's great exercise and is a guaranteed mood booster. Sex solidifies a bond between you and the one you love, in the most intimate way possible. If you find yourself lacking in sexual confidence and yearn to unleash any sexual hold ups and inhibitions, read on.

You need to begin by asking yourself where all your hold up' s stem from. Your sexual timidity could be due to religious beliefs, your parents, bad past experiences, or simply the role which was imposed on you by society and the media. As to religion, I believe God wanted everyone to procreate. I also believe he wanted us to enjoy the act while we were at it or he wouldn't have created orgasms.

Talking to your partner honestly and openly is essential so that you know where each other stands. You'll probably be fascinated by you're partners views on the topic and find out some funny insights into how they became the sexual being you've come to know and love. Reading books on sexuality either together or on your own will help you get comfortable with certain topics and perhaps give you some ideas on how to comfortably branch out in your sex life. Watch educational sex movies together, (porno though titillating is perhaps not the most authentic source with which to educate yourself). The more you read, and watch the more you will become comfortable with the notion that sex really isn't “dirty” after all.

A great way to improve your sexual confidence is by embracing your body, including all it's crinkles and dimples. If you don't love your body, why would you expect any one else to. Spend more naked time with yourself and go so far as to pleasure yourself at least weekly. Everyone has ultimate sexual potential, being free to explore sex should be a priority. Embrace your sexuality, talk about your sexuality and above all be free.

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