Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Effect of Sexploitation on Men - Rion Williams

I'm not talking morally necessarily, I'm talking about how pornography has affected the mindsets of millions of men and helped to reverse the power dynamic when it comes to dating and relationships.

Part of what's (un)fortunate about all of this is that millions of American and Western women have now adapted to be like this greatly desired social ideal or fantasy. They are essentialy softporn clones, pop tarts or fembots. These are the female 'social alpha's' that I talk about.

And their numbers are growing like rabbits.

The Jenna Jameson, Brooke Hogan and Paris Hilton clones with bleached hair and fake boobs. Millions of women have fallen into living this created fantasy that was designed to make money for the Architects by exploiting the one weakness of man.

These women are leveraging this social ideal in their character. And by doing so they can trigger the same stimulus-response relationship with countless men even if their own Inner character is in complete turmoil. Yet the men will instantly start drooling as a 'response' to the stimuli.

Supposedly this would 'attract' decent men to them but the only ones who can handle this level of development and power is the bad boys and jerks who weren't socially influenced. They're just seeing through it all to the natural character and don't have to be taught how to unlearn all of it because they just weren't influenced as a 'response' in the first place.

So why do you think most men are uncomfortable around these sexy, beautiful and prickteasing women?

It's simple. They've been conditioned over and over to build up this fantasy that they only get further and further away from in real life.

Most pornography is the social act of sex and the dynamics are reversed so that the woman will accentuate the experience for the man's fantasy. It's still the act of sex yet so many men get confused because they only see what's in front of them. They don't know that this isn't the natural way of sex.

They are 'acting' and they are conscious that it is meant to appeal to men's desires by accentuating certain things. It caters to the prickteasing response that gets the strongest of men.

And of course the millions of social alpha women that are running around also behave as the stimulus - the pricktease. Yet all of this actually prevents REAL relationships from happening because it's all the great money-machine fantasy world.

It's created a great relational dichotomy. Everyone is too busy living and upholding the contrived fantasy world that they forgot what being natural was really about (like our forefathers did).

Men will edify the woman and her skin so much (because it's what society promotes) in their growing fantasy world that when it comes to reality, they don't know what to do.

They will go out and see these girls next door become like the Playboy girls next door without ever realizing who always had the power in the first place (he does).

This grand social dynamic is one of the greatest cons in existence. The social pressure for women to sexploit themselves today is tremendously great. It's become the socio-cultural norm and ieal. Look at all the ass-flashing and cleave you're seeing now in the nightclubs and on myspace.com

These women - all of them are just byproducts of their social environment. When you can understand your relationship to this (and that the social matrix itself is rooted in Causality), you will start to know where it really fits in the whole scheme of things.

Look at sexploitation for what it really is through the eyes of relational dynamics; it's a stimulus-response relationship that is the opposite of nature. If you want consistent dating success, then go with nature because it overrules all of this social CONstruct and reaches women to the only part that responds anyways.

With Alpha Relational Dynamics, no matter how Beta or repressed you've become..

You'll realize that you weren't the problem no matter your level of inner game' fixing'. Instead, you were a pawn in the great social game who never had his true independence from it all yet.

Stop being a pawn in the popular social system and find out your true relationship to the power game and these characteristics within women and you will finally be able to be yourself around them, yet even stronger and women will be able to escape the fantasy and experience reality for themselves.

Rion Williams is one of the foremost experts in dating advice, personal power and relational dynamics. He is well-known within the seduction community itself.

His work focuses on the regaining and improving of real character within frustrated men who do don't want to 'act', use pick-up lines or techniques to get women.

He teaches modern men how to truly be natural and comfortable in their own skin to consistently succeed with women, attraction and dating. You can sign up for his free eZines and find out more information at http://www.relationaldynamics.org

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