Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sex Therapy - Is it for Me? - Dr. Seth Connoly

Nothing puts a damper on a relationship like having problems in the bedroom. It can often be difficult or embarrassing to discuss sexual issues with your partner, so perhaps the key is to find an outside perspective. Speaking to a professional can help alleviate concerns or problems you may be encountering as a couple and can lead to newfound excitement in bed.

Sex therapy has been around for decades and thousands of people have found solutions to sex related problems by visiting a sex therapist. There are various reasons why people seek sex therapy. Their problems can be physical and/or psychological; in either case, a sex therapist can help get to the root of the matter. Perhaps your sex drive is not what it used to be, or maybe you are having trouble getting aroused. Whatever it is, if you feel something is wrong and you are not enjoying sex, it might be time to consider sex therapy.

Sex therapists are trained to deal with all sorts of problems. Chances are, whatever you’re dealing with is not as strange or embarrassing as you may think it is. When you meet with a therapist, you should be ready to have a fairly frank discussion about your sex life so that the therapist can better understand and identify the cause of your problem. Your therapist will then help you take steps to resolve it. Often, it is as simple as methodically employing some exercises and/or techniques which will help alleviate your anxiety and provide you with a new and enjoyable sexual experience.

Therapy often has an undeserved stigma attached to it but we now know that you do not have to be “crazy” to seek out a therapist! The majority of people encounter some sort of sexual problem during their lifetime, and there is no reason to endure embarrassment or shame as there are professionals trained to deal with such problems. Whatever your sexual setback may be, a simple sex therapy session might be the way to rekindle that hot sizzle you seem to have temporarily lost.

Dr. Seth has devoted his career to the field of sexual health. His experience and skillful approach to counseling and sex therapy to increase sex drive put him in a unique position to answer your questions and concerns. See his website at

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