Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fantasizing Ah! Sexual Fantasies - By Jack Peter

Love ticks like a time bomb; and for a time bomb, there is a destined time to explode or else at the moment of judgment, indulge in the fantasies of an explosion. Fantasizing on a sexplosion? Never mind that is for all to carry on as a burden throughout their life. But is it that great a burden? I would be thrashed by all the efforts of men and women hard dreaming of the various fantasies of sex deep down their dream world at awkward hours of the night if I were to accept that fantasizing on sex is a burden. When the sutra says maximum postures with the same women is best than one posture with many, fantasizing on sex was greatly exempted. Otherwise the first night with your wife would have required a hundred live demonstrations with many.

Limit θ→infinity

What is the beauty when sex itself has to offer much more than what fantasy holds in store? Fantasies can be a vent to your torments or a cheerful past time. My friend feels that to have his face buried in the sunsilk dandruff free hair of his girl would be probably the best fantasy in his library of imaginations. Lice apart, the idea is preferably good for him. But the same would make me feel a little ‘yakish’. So pal sexual fantasies have the scale marked in the ascending side. You start climbing and finally conclude that the path you tread leads to infinity.

Restrain yourself

Husband: ‘dear what about a bath in the shower? That was a long cherished fantasy of mine.’
Wife: ‘yeah, don’t mind when the day is hot’.

The story ends. So is fantasy just fantasy? Haw far does reality differ? Imagination grows in vacuum, but practical experience might prove a non living object; there is a limit to its growth theory. When sky is the limit, any one of the 69 postures could offer you comfort in the dream world’ but the world of reality is bounded by the wall of restrictions. Restrain yourself from building up the view that whatever sexual fantasies you have under your sleeve, the same could be the building block of your lovable future. The worst case might land you in an asylum the one in the line of Bedlam.

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