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Are Clubs the Place to Play? - By Julia Tanner

Anywhere that you feel safe and secure is a great place to swing, in my opinion. And clubs can be that great place.

Not only are you in an environment that is totally supportive, but there aren’t games to be played or expectations. You come when you’re ready to come, and you play as much as you want.

Are These Places Dirty?

Unlike a lot of the sex clubs, swingers clubs are filled with clean cut, professional men and women. The general age of members is anywhere from late twenties to mid-fifties, so you’re sure to feel at home with one of the age groups.

Many of the swingers clubs have dress codes that are strictly enforced. Of course, they may have theme nights from time to time, but most of the time, it’s completely option.

But a lot of fun.

And as for the ‘dirty’ part, it depends on what you’re using for a definition. If you’re talking about breaching sexual borders and allowing couples to mingle, then yes, they are ‘dirty.’ If you’re talking about the physical presence of dirt, then no, these are high-class establishments that have to follow health code rules, just like everyone else.

Are The Clubs Safe To Go To?

Swingers clubs employ a staff of security to help you in case you should feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

The staff at most of the clubs are easily available if you have any questions, plus many require you to call ahead to have an on-phone interview. This ensures that you are a couple that will fit in with everyone else, as well as follow the rules that you are given.

If you do get turned down for a club, then you may want to revaluate why you want to try swinging in the first place. Or try another club.

Where Can I Find Swingers Clubs?

Word of mouth and local advertising are the best ways to find local swinger events. In some cities, there may not be clubs that are listed, but through the local adult video store, you may be able to find listings for swinger parties.

Be very discerning about which events you choose to go to. Call the coordinator and ask a lot of questions. If they hesitate or refuse to answer things, then you may want to avoid their party.

Do I Have To Do Anything?

This is the biggest question of swingers clubs—do you have to participate in the sexual fun?
Of course not.

Many couples go to meet other couples at a later time. Or some other folks just go to watch couples mingle with one another. The level of your participation is up to your comfort level.
Most clubs have polices about not pressuring other members, so you can feel at ease from the time you walk in to the time that you leave.

A swingers club can be a great way to celebrate your sexual identity without having to ‘do’ anything. Many couples find that this is the perfect method to sample the swinging life to see if it’s something that will work for them.

And without names, you can be anonymous as well.

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Flirt Like A Superstar (And Have Droves of Gay Men Begging For Your Phone Number)! - By Brian Rzepczynski


You look across the crowded bar to the target of your interest on the other side of the room. He’s dashingly handsome in a leather jacket, leaning up against the wall watching the videos on the TV screen as he sips at his beer. He senses your presence and shifts his eyes in your direction to meet your gaze. He holds the eye contact briefly before looking away. Moments later, he looks back and connects with your eyes again, this time holding the gaze a little bit longer. You slightly raise your eyebrows and shoot him a quick smile. Your heart pounds with anticipation as he nods his head once and cracks a return smile. Green light—he’s interested! You take a deep breath as you plunge into the crowd, making your way toward the hottie across the room to make your introduction.

Flirting is an art form in which you use both verbal and nonverbal communication to express your interest in someone. My confession is that during my single days, I was horrible at it! My best friend and I would parade all over the gay district in Chicago and he always seemed to be able to charm everyone we encountered while I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. How does a man with flirt with another man? I’d either be too self-conscious to risk approaching someone or I wouldn’t know how to respond to the other guys’ advances, sabotaging the moment by being too nervous, looking away, or just not even recognizing the signs of being “hit on.” I chock a lot of that up to being a function of having just “come out”, not being fully secure with myself yet, and still trying to learn the ropes of gay dating. But one thing became very clear and that was that flirting is a skill. Some people are more adept at it with their extroverted personalities and creativity, while others have to work at it more and cultivate it to their own personal style.

Anyone can learn how to flirt. The key to effective flirting is to be yourself and not be something you’re not as a way to impress someone. That’s a form of deception and you can come across as phony or contrived. If used the right way, flirting can open doors to getting to know lots of new people and can be a great way to start conversations with men you might be interested in. This article explores the world of flirting and offers tips on how to integrate this skill into your dating quests so that you’ll pique the curiosities of possible love interests who will then want to get to know you better—and perhaps compel them to give you their phone numbers!

Flirting Is Not Cruising

Before going any further, a distinction needs to be made between flirting and cruising. Cruising is a behavior in which one’s main purpose in “cozying up” to someone is to have sex with him. Here, we are discussing flirting, which is a behavior or an ice-breaker toward meeting and getting to know someone for possible dating and companionship. Both are very different and easily confused.

As gay men in particular, our gay culture tends to be very sexualized and you must be mindful of the difference between flirting and cruising as you mingle with other men so you don’t send the wrong signals and sabotage your efforts. One client of mine once said, “There are so many game-players out there that whenever I’m approached by a guy who shows interest in me, I’m immediately suspicious that all he’s after is sex and to get down my pants; especially if I’m in a bar setting.” So be cognizant of your approach to ensure you’re projecting the right message and image you want to convey.

Profile Of A Masterful Flirt

Remember that flirting is a skill that can be learned. The following are characteristics of an individual who is a master at flirting that can enhance one’s success in causing men you’re interested in meeting to be more responsive to your advances. A great flirt is someone who:

·has a solid self-esteem and exudes confidence and appears self-assured and relaxed

·has a good sense of humor, is down-to-earth, and is able to laugh

·has good communication and social skills, including being a great listener and having the ability to be flexible and weave in and out of a variety of social situations with relative ease

·is good at reading social cues and body language to know when someone is interested or not
·is assertive, has good boundaries, and is able to cope with rejection without personalizing it and letting it get him down

·is honest, authentic, doesn’t try to impress by being a show-off, and shows interest in the other person by asking him questions rather than monopolizing the “floor time” by solely talking about himself

Shyness, insecurity, anxiety, internalized homophobia, and weak communication skills are just a few factors that can tend to block one’s comfort level and impede the ability to flirt with savvy.

How Do I Know If He Likes Me?

Unless the guy you’re flirting with blatantly tells you to “buzz off” or directly verbalizes a desire to keep the conversation going, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for the signals he communicates in his body language. Things to look for might include:

·Eye contact: Does he look you in the eyes with warmth and coyly raise his eyebrows or does he look away and shift his eyes about? He could be interested but is just shy or nervous; on the other hand, he could also be looking for an escape hatch, so assess carefully.

·Facial expressions: Is he animated? Smile back at you? Laugh?

·Posturing: Does he lean forward toward you with an open stance or appear stiff with arms crossed and back away from you slightly? How does he position himself spatially with you? Does he mirror your body language?

Does he touch you occasionally, especially during a laugh? Give you compliments? Reciprocate dialogue? These are all good signs that he’s interested. Just be aware that there are cultural differences with body language that can mean different things depending on the guy you’re talking with. Too much touch could also convey sexual aggressiveness and poor boundaries, so be cautious and limited with this.

The Infamous Pick-Up Line

“Like, hey dude. What’s your sign?” “Haven’t I seen you somewhere before? You look so familiar!” Barf! Keep these lame, outdated pick-up lines out of your dating toolbag, and get creative! A lot of stock tends to be given to the “opening line” on the singles’ scene, but your introduction statement to someone isn’t as important as the ability to maintain the conversation. That’s not to say that it can’t make an impact, however. Sometimes a great lead-in comment can break through someone’s barriers about whom he identifies as his “type” and can make him take notice when he ordinarily may not have. Witty and creative opening lines can be real attention-grabbers and can heighten someone’s interest.

For example, many years ago I was at a bar with some friends a few days after Christmas and a man grabbed me as I was walking by, pulled me onto his lap, and said, “Hi, I’m Santa, and I’m going to give you what you didn’t get for Christmas this year.” Granted, that was a cruising pick-up line, but sexual innuendo aside, it was a funny and creative opening statement that has stuck in my mind all these years and still makes me smile in amusement.

So make your opening line unique and tie it in to the environment or setting that you’re in. Offer a genuine compliment or comment on a compatible interest you may share. The key is to be yourself and be respectful. If this doesn’t suit your personality, then nothing beats the old stand-by…”Hi, my name is Brian. What’s yours?” with a warm smile and extended handshake.

Action Challenges & Conclusion

In conclusion, the essence of effective flirting comes from having positive self-esteem and sophisticated social/communication skills. Make a realistic appraisal of your flirting potential and use the Profile Of A Masterful Flirt above to assess your own strengths and weaknesses. Read plenty of books on social psychology, mingling, body language, and communication to educate yourself further on how to become more socially graceful. Learn about relaxation techniques to help calm anxiety you may have and practice cognitive restructuring methods for combating negative self-talk that interferes with your confidence and ability to take risks. Take some classes on assertiveness training, join a public speaking group to practice communication skills, and enlist the help of some friends to do some role-plays to further hone your flirting skills.

Again, be yourself, have fun with flirting, and be proactive with your desires. Take the initiative and approach that guy on the other side of the room so you can take charge of your life and make things happen! Happy Flirting!

©2006 Brian L. Rzepczynski

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