Sunday, July 23, 2006

Why Do Certain Smells Drive A Man Wild And Which Ones Are They? - By Gregg Hall

Our olfactory senses are there for a reason, partly for survival. It has long been known that there are certain scents and fragrances that can be used by a woman to elicit an amorous response from a man. Which of these scents are the best and how can they be used to get the effect you are seeking?

While there is no standard answer as to exactly what works for everyone it has long been known that mixtures of certain fruits and flower scents offer the best results which is why the French have long relied on this fragrance recipe for the creation of their fine perfumes. Here are some tips to help you get your man in the mood for love.

No one really knows why the mixture of flowers and fruits bring a man to his knees but they do work and that's what matters! One way to take advantage of this is to make your bedroom a paradise filled with tropical scents.

The aromatherapy industry has evolved from the main fragrance industry and come into its own by offering essential oils like orange and other citrus types of oils that can be placed on a special light bulb ring to give off a pleasing and exotic fragrance. The key here is not to use too much.

Place a vase filled with lilies or gardenias or some other flower with a strong pleasing scent next to the bed. Fill the vase with warm water to help bring out the scent more.

Something simple you can do for yourself is to make sure to wash your hair right before bed.

The smell of fresh clean hair drives a man insane and it is an easy thing for you to accomplish.

If you find a scent that gets that response you are looking for from your man take a lesson from the psychology experiments of Pavlov and only use those scents in the bedroom or for a special evening when you are wanting him to react in that way. Once he gets used to that certain scent and associates it with the activities you have had he will always think of it in that way, so keep it for those special times. And yes, men really are like dogs!

Last but not least, put some scented powder on the sheets, preferably satin sheets. If you select just the right scent and put it on clean sheets it is sure to make him open to pretty much whatever you have in mind.

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